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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Weekend

So our weekend turned out to be a little rough, after a minor fender bender on Saturday (thank goodness everyone is OK but my car is not) and trying to get anything done after you have an accident never amounts to anything, so best just to let it go and try to relax the rest of the day.

Well we sort of did that, after the girls and I (since we were the only ones in the car) got home we kind of just vegged out and Michael went to the library for us to return our books that were due that day and then proceeded to call and email friends to let them know that we would not be attending the dedication that most of our shepherd group was participating. I was a little depressed about the situation really, but would you know one of them called and asked we wanted to use their extra car so we could go to church and witness the event. My heart was over come, that they were so generous.

We really love the people in our shepherd group, some of us have been together for at least 6 years and some of us have just gotten together but they all feel like family. It's hard when you don't have any family in the area, and you really miss them, so you hope to make those family connections with people and when you do it really is special. So we are ever so grateful for the people in this group who not only support us, but love us as well, and what treasure it was for us to be there as they dedicated their children and pledge to raise them in God's ways.

By the way, had it not been so close to Kaleigh's birthday (the previous weekend) we probably would have participated and had Jaden dedicated as well, but we'll just have to wait and do it the next time the church does a dedication.

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Julie said...

I am so thankful that your Shepherd group decided to adopt us. I have enjoyed getting to know you so much and it is a blessing getting to meet some other families as well. I cannot wait to meet you soon!!!! I wish we could have been there too and dedicated our little Jasper!!! I miss RBC, cannot wait to go soon.