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Monday, October 25, 2010


Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Science and Engineering Fair

Took the kids to DC to see the first annual Science and Engineering Fair. I have two girls who LOVE anything to do with experiments and science. It was a beautiful fall day and I convinced Michael to go into DC. He is normally pretty easy about doing things except to take 4 kids into places where there will be large crowds. He is always worried about a child getting lost or taken because we are outnumbered. But I told him if we went early enough and kept Madison and Jaden in the strollers we should be OK. For the most part it was great. Unfortunately we only got to see like 1/8th of what they had to show. The fair spanned all of the mall between the museums and like 5 blocks on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was great and because it was so spread out it didn't feel overly crowded. Now don't get me wrong it was crowded especially trying to get into some of the booths but for the most part things moved pretty well. We went to the PBS section where they had most of the kids stuff, and still some of it was a little above my kids heads but they loved it. We of course brought home bags of stuff.

This little guy loves dinosaurs and he loved this robotic one, it was very cool. He is from the show Dinosaur Train on PBS, it was cute to watch him interact with it.
Making bird feeders with stale bagels, crisco and bird seed. Hung them outside on Sunday
and with the storm one blew away, have to hang the others to see if the birds will want some
They had to guess what the smell was in the cup to get a prize.
This is a huge big deal for a girl who is very sensitive to smell, touch, noise and taste, so proud of her for trying it and guessing correctly.

Unfortunately that's all we could get pictures of especially when you are trying to keep moving so two little ones don't get bored.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kaleigh turned 7

My sweet Kaleigh turned 7, it's gone by so fast. She was such an easy baby...once we got past the colic..of all my kids she has the most go with the flow kind of personality. She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve, but if she is really worried about something she will let you know. She is super smart, I have to really work hard to keep her challenged, she breezes through all the things I give her to do....except chores of course. I love all her questions and once she gets started talking, it's hard for her to stop. She is as tough as nails and yet as delicate as a princess. She loves the color pink and if it is sparkly and shiny, she is all over it...as she says that's her style. If she could figure out how to ride a horse...(she loves that too) in high heals and pink glitter, while belting out a song...she would be in heaven. She is such a joy, she can be stubborn and willful but her heart is so amazing. I just love this little girl. She brings so much joy to our family.

Happy Birthday Kaleigh

Kaleigh turned 7 we had a Rock Star party. Our family loves music and I guess we play a little too much Guitar Hero on the Wii but it's a video game we can all do together. The girls like the drums and the guitar, but as soon as they get singing the walls start to shake...LOL..

Limo races.

You had to go with a partner in your limo, and race to the balloons. Get a balloon and pop it, any
way you could. The fun thing was the grass was pretty dry and my brother blew them up pretty
full so they burst almost on instant contact with the grass. They loved this game.
Can you tell the little guys just trying to figure it all out.

We of course had a singing game. Everyone had to sing and freeze dance at the same time.

The music was clearly moving him.

This moon bounce has been a life saver, we have been able to use it for almost all the parties we've had since Kaleigh was 4.

'And of course Michael had to make one of his special cakes. Kaleigh really liked her edible guitar.