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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK so there are no pictures this time just an observation.

Anytime I am out and about with all four of my kids I get one of several looks.

The first one...PITY...Oh you poor woman, usually followed by let me help you with the door or "WOW, you have your hands full. Are they all yours?" Which if you actually look at them, it's impossible for them not to be all mine since they all look alike and they always fawn over Jaden because he's the baby.

The second look...and I don't know if this one has a one word answer but it is the look of, don't you know about birth control. To which I pray that my children are so well behaved that it shocks them right out of their socks. They usually try to get past me as fast as possible with my shopping cart (sometimes practically running over one of my kids - can't keep them all in the shopping cart). Not like I'm asking them to pay for my kids.

The third (this one is usually when I am out with Michael)...that poor woman, can't he keep his hands off of her..She looks totally worn out.

I swear to you I have noticed these looks and this is not made up, it's amazing if you observe people long enough you will notice the little things.

I proudly display my brood, they are gorgeous, most of the time well behaved, loving, kind and all around wonderful children and I am blessed to have all of them. Do you think I could fit all that on a button so I can wear it on my shirt all the time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hide and Seek

This is one of Jaden's favorite hiding spots, can you believe it he loves to go behind there, I think it's because the toys on the other side of the couch seem to wind up behind the couch instead of in the bins next to the couch.
And of course Madison not to be out done by her little brother.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


What kid does not like chalk, all my kids love it, and we go through a bucket every spring and summer, by the end of summer they are nubs and broken pieces.

Don't know what he's doing here but I know he likes chalk.

She is so proud of her drawing.
I love the fact that she wrote MOM I love you.

Look at those feet covered in chalk.
Aaah the hands of hard chalk work.

Unfortunately Jordan had some discipline issues so she had to sit inside while the rest of us were outside playing..very sad.

Supposed to be napping

Left Madison to take a nap and when I went to check on her she had fallen asleep but not before this.

Every book off the bookshelf and I don't know where she is going in those dress shoes, maybe a party in her dream.

VBS Carnival

Not too many pictures came out because of the light, but the kids had a lot of fun, hard to catch pictures of all of them because they all wanted to go in different directions. Jordan, Kaleigh and Alec went on the IRON Man Moonbounce the name doesn't do it justice. Madison wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, so I was able to wait in line with Madison while watching the girls across the way on the Iron Man line and Michael went to get food. So not too many pictures of all of them together, and eventually Jordan wanted to go and hit the dunk tank and find the other moon bounce, eventually they all got to do the pony ride before we left with cotton candy and snow cones. Good time had by all.

The concert before the actual carnival - There is Kaleigh in the middle front and center, Jordan didn't want to go up on stage, she was too shy, but she and Madison danced at our seats.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

VBS (Vacation Bible School)

The kids went to Vacation Bible School at our church, for those unfamiliar with VBS, it's like camp at church, lots of singing, water games, arts craft and of course a biblical message, the kids look forward to it every year and every year they have a ball. I didn't get to help out this year.. Jaden is a little challenging to leave in the nursery but fully hope to volunteer for the week next year, I hate missing the fun, you are exhausted but it is so worth it.
Getting ready to go the last day, they had to wear their shirts every day so I had to wash them every night.The Conga line the kids were doing during praise time for Jordan's age group.

Praise time for Kaleigh's age group.
Kaleigh with her friend Anna.
And of course her friend Alec.
My friend Heather doing crafts, 8 months pregnant no less.
And my friend Abi with her sweet little boy Joshua, I like the black and white but you can't see his sweet beautiful blue eyes.
Finally Alec came over for a play date, these two together are inseparable, they will really miss each other when they go to kindergarten. We will have to make sure we set up play dates.

Still have pictures to post from the carnival Friday night. Yikes.

Jaden's 1st Birthday Party

OK still catching up on my blogging so here goes.

We had Jaden's 1st birthday party after our trip to NY, it was the only time we would be around and that wasn't back in June when we did Jordan's birthday. We had a relatively small party....and since we brought back the water slide from my parents house, it was built in entertainment. Unfortunately Jaden was sick from having had 4 shots the day before and was coming down with a stomach bug, we JUST got over it this past Thursday (6 very long days with a sick child). Anyway, despite that I think everyone including Jaden had a great time.

We had great weather, not exactly pool weather but they didn't seem to care, they were all shivering and blue by the time they got out.

We even had a pool for the little kids that didn't want to go swimming.
My beautiful sister-in-law with Jaden.
In line with our airplane theme, Michael made one of his cakes, this is not the best picture but yes the airplanes are coming out of the cake, they were held up by licorice.He was a little confused for a second but then got the hang of it.
More toys.I think he likes this one.
A little photo shoot, with our sweet little boy.