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Monday, August 31, 2009

Vacation Day 6

Our last day at the beach we decided not to spend too much time in the water, I think we were all a little beached out by that time, we did take one last 15 minute walk before we decided to leave a little early. The resort we stayed in had a car race for the kids, each child received a Styrofoam car you could decorate and then on Friday they raced them. You can see the race track behind Jordan, 2 cars raced at the same time and then the one that won was able to get back in race until all of the cars had raced and were all eliminated until the last race and the winner of that race received a t-shirt. All the kids who participated received a medal, it was actually pretty nice and the girls had a good time. They didn't win but they were excited to receive a metal.

I still have a few more pictures to post but am tired of editing them (I never stick them on there with out editing them in picnik, so since that takes so much time to edit then I post, so I will post the last ones tomorrow).

This was all the kids that participated that day.

Sunrise on the beach.

It was bugging me that I could not get this picture posted from the day before but I finally was able to post it so here it is, I thought it was a cute collage of Jaden in chair.

Finally during the week we had taken some family photos of us on the beach of course all dressed in white and tan (this is one of the things I really enjoy and Michael really hates, but I'm glad he does it for me anyway.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation Day 5

Beach, beach and more beach.We have been very blessed to have such wonderful weather while we have been here. It has actually not been too hot and the breeze off the ocean has been very comfortable. We usually are out on the beach by 9:00am and are back in by 11:30, we wash off, have lunch, hang out and take naps. When everyone gets up we usually have a little snack, some play time, maybe explore some of the places around, have dinner and then another stroll back on the beach in the early evening or we walk down to the the little town center they have and have some ice cream. This has been a very relaxing vacation. There is a chance of rain tomorrow and I think everyone except Jordan is a little relieved, we have had a lot of fun but a lot beach playing, lots of sun and I think we could all use a little break from the sun. Kaleigh only lasted about 1/2 hour today and was ready to go back in, but by the evening when the sun wasn't so hot we all could have stayed an hour longer, especially Jaden. He cried the entire time we carried him back to the house.

The girls on their date night with their Dad.
We found mermaids on the beach.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacation Day 4

Today was a total beach day, the weather has been perfect, the water warm and we finally got Madison into the water. Unfortunately we couldn't get her out of the water. She really enjoyed it, after everyone had a nap this afternoon we did a little shopping at TimBuck II a local outdoor shopping area. The girls had fun and then Michael took the older girls on a date, the resort is showing a movie called Kung Fu Panda (I hope it's good) but they were very excited to have time alone with their Dad.

Instead of a sand castle they all built a sand lobster.

Daddy hold my hand.

I did it, Mom, I went on the boogie board.
Even Michael got into the fun.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Today was an awesome day, Michael and I took the girls back to the beach and both girl, yes you heard me right, both of the older girls wanted to boogey board. I video taped it and if I can figure it out before we leave I will post it, but if not I will have to wait until I get home and post it. Never in my life did I think Jordan would want to do it, but she saw Kaleigh having so much fun doing it that she wanted to try it and LOVED it. This is the girl who barely wanted to get near the water because of the waves and isn't too crazy about the beach because of the crabs. It brought so much joy to my heart to see her try something new AND take a risk, it was so good for her. After a long while, Madison lasted 5 minutes on the beach before she wanted to go back to the house, the girls were exhausted. We went inside, washed up and waited for Jaden to wake up from his morning nap (these 2 naps a day thing is really hard when you have multiple children) and we all went to Currituck Lighthouse. What an experience that was, 2 people in our family do not like heights so that was a challenge, but the extremely narrow 214 steps up in the heat was the hardest part.

View from the bottom while we waited.

Can you see the beads of sweat on my face it was hot carrying Jaden the entire way up and down.

View from the top can you see the panicked look on Jordan's face.

Vacation Day 2

Michael and I took the girls in the morning to the beach to build sandcastles and to let Kaleigh play in the water before he left to play golf with his Dad. Again Madison was difficult she is not liking the beach but at least Jordan is warming up to it, Kaleigh on the other hand is the fish and does not want to get out of the water. Jaden loved digging in the sand, the jury is still out on the water. After a while Jordan and Madison wanted to go inside so I told Kaleigh we needed to go inside rinse off and I would take everyone to the pool while Jaden napped and Michael went to play golf. My mother-in-law stayed at the house with Jaden while he napped. Now thew pool is literally 3 houses down the road and the girls were excited to go, especially Jordan and Madison. Well when we got there it was so crowded because the red flags are still up, because the water is still rough, there was barely any room to swim. The kids pool which goes from 1 foot to 4 feet was packed and I think the girls were expecting a pool like ours at home, which is hardly ever busy and it goes from 2 feet to 3 feet in the part that they like to swim in, well after about half a hour they were ready to leave. For the rest of the day we hung out at the house, everyone napped and hung out, then we went out for Pizza until Michael came home. I didn't take too many pictures but I did take one of the storm clouds that went over our house that thank God never amounted to much, but it made for a neat photograph.

This is the view from our deck, by the way.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacation Day 1

Arrived yesterday and what should have taken 5 hours took 10 hours, plus it down poured the last 1/2 hour but we made it. The kids were very happy to get out of the car and the view from our beach house is gorgeous. Will post picture of the view from the house later in the week. The weather was cloudy today but it didn't rain and they had red flagged the beach but we were able to put our feet in the water. Surprisingly the water was warm, it was hard to get Jordan to stay on the beach (she doesn't like the crabs) and Madison doesn't like the sound of the waves so she won't go near the water, luckily we have a week to work on her and there are three pools to at least giver her a chance to splash around.

This is one of the best parts of the beach house, our own private walkway to the beach.

It was the perfect day for flying kites.

It's hard to tell if he liked the beach, he didn't cry in the sand but it was a new experience for him. He liked splashing in the water but he wasn't all that sure about it. Kaleigh on the other hand could have stayed splashing in the water, she can't wait for tomorrow because it's supposed to be a better day.