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Monday, August 31, 2009

Vacation Day 6

Our last day at the beach we decided not to spend too much time in the water, I think we were all a little beached out by that time, we did take one last 15 minute walk before we decided to leave a little early. The resort we stayed in had a car race for the kids, each child received a Styrofoam car you could decorate and then on Friday they raced them. You can see the race track behind Jordan, 2 cars raced at the same time and then the one that won was able to get back in race until all of the cars had raced and were all eliminated until the last race and the winner of that race received a t-shirt. All the kids who participated received a medal, it was actually pretty nice and the girls had a good time. They didn't win but they were excited to receive a metal.

I still have a few more pictures to post but am tired of editing them (I never stick them on there with out editing them in picnik, so since that takes so much time to edit then I post, so I will post the last ones tomorrow).

This was all the kids that participated that day.

Sunrise on the beach.

It was bugging me that I could not get this picture posted from the day before but I finally was able to post it so here it is, I thought it was a cute collage of Jaden in chair.

Finally during the week we had taken some family photos of us on the beach of course all dressed in white and tan (this is one of the things I really enjoy and Michael really hates, but I'm glad he does it for me anyway.)


Julie said...

those are great family pictures and I love you all in white.

Megan said...

I LOVE all the photos of you all in the white. You managed a really good family one, and I also like the one with all of you walking on the beach. And the girls running along the walkway in their white dresses. So fun! Glad you had a great vacation!

Jenkins said...

Beautiful photos! In white with that dark hair...gorgeous!

Courtney said...

LOVE the family pictures!!!