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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

POOL time with 4 kids, yes it can be done.

So it took me an HOUR to get ready to go to the pool today. In that hour was finding the towels in the laundry, making lunches for everyone, being sure to also pack snacks, drinks, sippy cup for Jaden and what ever other things we will need in the snack bag. Get each of the kids lathered up with SPF 50 and the bathing suits on the little ones. Get myself dressed and lathered.. get a bottle together and FINALLY get everyone out the door. What started at 10:00 (I had to clean up the breakfast dishes first) we left the house at 11:30. Get to the pool at 11:35, and by the time we unload the car (including snack bag, towels, floaties and bag of swim toys) they blow the whistle (11:45) for Adult Swim (it means no kids are allowed in the big pool for 15 minutes.) The kids attempt to go into the wading pool but they have just refreshed it and the water is freezing. We decide to eat our lunch. We sit eat our lunch 12:00 the whistle blows and all the kids are allowed back in the pool. They finally get in the pool and at 12:40 it starts to get cloudy and cold and they are done. They are shivering and ready to go home, no complaints, except Madison who isn't nearly as wet as the girls. Of course the minute we get home it rains for five minutes and then it's done and the sun comes back out but that's how it goes. So while the two older girls swam, I sat on the steps with Jaden and Madison. So a whole hour to get ready to spend a whole HOUR at the pool.

I did prove however, I can do the pool, not easily alone but I can.

My little fish.

This is how she spent most of her time, walking back and forth on the steps.

This is all he wanted to do, sit by the side and throw toys in the water, he doesn't like the water because it's too cold. Can't say that I really blame him.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Party

So we had Jordan's birthday party, and it's always hard because, we never know who is going to be in town and secondly we never know if the weather is going to be OK. So we were scheduled to have a birthday party for her at our local rec center at the indoor pool, she has been asking to do a pool party for the longest and we kept putting it off (she's not a great swimmer). Well this year we gave in and booked the rec center and a room for afterward so we could have cake and pizza. Well as it turned out, we decided in order to accommodate the amount of adults to have with the kids we changed the location to our local pool (it's free, and our guest passes are cheap). So that is what we did and THANK YOU GOD the weather was gorgeous, clear blue sky, warm, small breeze, just gorgeous. So we had a nice party out doors (not in my house so I didn't have to clean) and it was a lot of fun. The kids had a blast. I have a wonderful husband who got in the water with the kids, since I wasn't getting in the water.

Michael did once of his famous cakes and did a swimmer in a pool, complete with white frosting to indicate splashing. You can't tell too well from this picture but he used blue jello as the base for the water. It was cute. We also had cupcakes because every kid likes cupcakes.
For her birthday she asked for an outfit to match her American Girl doll. I'm glad she picked something casual and practical, she can wear it almost anywhere.

Rough Week

Had kind of stressful week, lots going on, least of all getting ready for Jordan's birthday party, which we changed locations for at the last minute, nothing like adding THAT to your stress. However, I am now on a regular cycle for you ladies should know what I mean. If there are any men reading this, sorry..... Well, anyway, now that I am on what seems to be a regular cycle and I have completely weaned Jaden, this has been very emotional week for me. I totally understand why Sarah was so upset and kicked Hagar out, it's tough letting that piece of you go. I mean I was ready to wean, but not only did I wean him, but I am also pondering the thought, he is the LAST baby we will EVER have. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Don't get me wrong. I am totally and completely done having babies mentally, but the emotional part, that I will never again be pregnant and I will never nurse another child, truly stabbed at my heart. When I told Michael this he thought I was completely insane, but the fact of the matter is, while I don't want any more children, 4 is plenty. That chapter of my life, childbearing, is completely closed. It's just sad. Now I just revel and enjoy Jaden for the sweet baby that he is, I can't even believe in less than 3 days he will 1. THAT's Crazy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Pics

I've been trying to get to the computer to upload some pictures and blog but I've been a little busy, so I'm finally catching up. These are some random pictures I took that have no explanation, but if you keep reading other posts below you can catch up on what we have been doing this last week. Will post some more from Jordan's birthday party this weekend.

She loves to snack this one.

I love her real smile, not the fake one she does for pictures.

This was too cute, he's giving her a gummy for her hair and she's brushing his hair after they had their bath. Too cute.

First Days of Summer Vacation

So I have all these plans for summer, crafts and baking and lots of pool time (although I need to hire a mother's helper to come with me - 4 kids, especially when the 2 older two aren't strong swimmers) can be a bit of a challenge. Anyway our first day Friday, we litterally hung around the house and played all day, games and watched TV, we just did things we don't normally do because I am always worried about getting all the chores done. So it was very restful.

Monday however was quite another story, had the great plan of baking my friend Courtney's rainbow cake, going to the pool and did I mention a craft on a bible story all in the same day (you could say I am a little excited about summer vacation). Well first off Jaden was sick so, we thought he had the flu (he had been exposed at play group Wednesday and at the doctor's office - turns out it was just congestion but now he has an ear infection from it.
Look at the snot dripping from his nose, but he's still happy for the most part.

So that put the kabosh on the pool but we still did the rainbow cake, however that took so long (but it was well worth it) that we didn't have time for the craft. Here is the cake, the girls loved mixing the colors but it took a long time to bake because I only had two pans and had to completely cool and then wash the pans before I could bake the next set. They played with the dollhouses while they were waiting for the cakes to finish.

This is the type of cake mix you need because you have to be able to color it.
It requires two boxes.

This is the type of food coloring you need if you want the dark colors (we have a ton of it from all our birthday cakes) otherwise the kind you use for easter eggs will be too pastel.

Here are the 6 bowls of colors the girls liked this part the best.
Wasn't quite my favorite because I didn't want the food coloring everywhere.
Before frosting.

This is the finished cake, with homemade butter cream frosting, just be sure to have enough confectionery sugar before you start frosting, lest you run out and have to run to the store to buy more so you can finish the cake.
After the cake took a long time to make, we had lunch out on our deck (which is a favorite for everyone in our house except Michael - he doesn't like the bugs). Then it was on to more playing while the little kids took naps. The weather was perfect. The gilrs decided to play in the tree house, they brought towels and gold fish for snacks. They brought books and paper and markers to make signs. I did my bible study homework on the deck for an hour while they played it was wonderful.

Here is the no boys allowed sign - except for Daddy.

So all in all it turned out to be a great day even if my best layed plans did not happen.

My Eight Year Old

Happy Birthday Jordan!

I cannot believe you are Eight, where did the time go. I know I say that every year and every year I am amazed at how quickly it went by. This year has been filled with lots of challenges and we are still working on those heart issues but God isn't finished with you yet and he knows your capacity to love. Like him our love for you is unconditional, even if we are sometimes frustrated with you and may not show it, we love you no matter what. You are our first born and God knew what he was doing when he gave us the awesome challenge and responsibility that comes with raising you as our daughter, I can't wait to see what he has in store for you and how he will challenge us to turn you into the most wonderful woman. Happy Birthday my sweet child, words cannot explain the love we have for you.

Father's Day

What can I say about my husband that I haven't said in the past, he is such a blessing to us all, God has truly given us a wonderful father for these children and an awesome partner to do the job ob parenting with. We love you.

Last Day of School

So Thursday was the last day of School for Jordan, and I have to tell you I am very glad that it is over. Not because I really enjoy the lazy days of summer, especially hanging out at the pool, playing outside and letting the kids stay up a little later with out the stress of having to get up early, but this year was really hard for all of us. We have had some ups and downs and hard decisions have had to be made, but I for one know that God will always help us make the right decisions for our children. So glad we can now enjoy the summer and know that we have 2 1/2 months to rest and recharge.

Filters PLEASE

How is it that some people have no filters. Why do people really feel that's it's OK to say the first thing that comes to their mind, like "I saw you riding your bike the other day.. I didn't know it was you and I scolded my son for saying hi to a stranger until he told me it was you.. you looked fat, it's a good thing your exercising."

Seriously people would I be exercising if I didn't KNOW I need to lose weight.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Busy Few Days...But Well Worth it.

So once again we had a very busy few days and I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures.

First on Thursday, had my first real class of bible study with the ladies, which was really good but I know I offended two of my friends, so praying that they will come back. That evening Jordan and Kaleigh's little friends Brady and Jacob came over for an hour or so to say good-bye before they left to go spend the summer with their mother in Hawaii. They live with their Dad here in VA but their mom lives in Hawaii. They are very cute sweet boys, Brady is 8 and in Jordan's grade and Jacob is in Kindergarten. They came over with their Dad and he actually told us he was a christian. (One of my prayers for Jordan was that she would have a friend who happened to be a christian who could move into the neighborhood the fact that he lives in the house right behind ours was just God's awesome provision). He really enjoys playing with her and plays with her on the playground at school, so it works out well. She was so sad when he left, she said "It's hard when your friend goes away mommy." Having been through two of her best friends moving away in only 8 short years, I told her I knew exactly how she felt, but Brady would be back in September. However, who knew that 2 little boys and 2 little girls could completely destroy our basement, I'm talking serious destruction.

Friday took Madison to the Dr. she woke up with a fever and a stomach ache, she had strep throat. Put Jaden on the scale, for all the food that boy eats, he only weighs 15.1oz, 1/2 pound in 6 weeks, how sad is that. I mean I guess it's something but COME ON, 1/2 pound. I guess with as fast as he's crawling and moving he's starting to burn some calories, faster than he can gain it. After medicine and Motrin she was good to go, and everyone had a nice nap. Friday Night got a new seat for my bike ...WOOHOO, feels much better and I can ride somewhat comfortably. I tried it out Friday night and the girls played outside it was a nice evening.

Saturday, got up took a bike ride with the kids and the trailer which carries Jaden and Madison (I'll definitely have to get a picture of this one day). We then took the kids to the pool after that and after lunch and a quick rest, it was off to birthday party at the neighbor's house. Which lasted well into the evening.

Ready for the party.

Sunday got up and took another bike ride, this time by myself (I don't have the endurance yet, but a little more time and I will get there), then I took the kids again with the trailer. Played outside a little more before my mother-in-law came and Michael and I went to the movies. Finally got to see STAR TREK while I wouldn't call myself a trekkie I would definitely call myself a fan. It' was awesome, well worth the money we spent on tickets and popcorn, but because of this we were late for the church picnic. Unfortunately by the time we got there everyone was packing up and heading home. The girls did get to jump on the moon bouncess, their favorite. We then came home and had a barbecue at home, eating on our deck, going for a long walk and playing with chalk outside. I LOVE THE SUMMER. I enjoy beautiful days like this weekend, and even though it was jam packed with things, it was a lot of fun, and now I'm headed off to bed, after a fun filled, no stress weekend.
This one is for my mom...I love this little outfit she got him.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Because.....

.....she's playing shy.

.....she makes me smile.

..he's too stinkin' cute!

Potty Training for Every Toilet

OK so now that we seemed potty trained, today will be a big test as she will be with a babysitter for 2 hours, how come we have to visit every bathroom in every store, school or place we visit?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potty Training Update

Hesitant to say we are potty trained but we haven't had an accident in 2 days, we had the pee thing down for a week now, but the poop is another story, but the last two days totally went on her own. No asking if she had to go, she just went by herself. Thank You God that I don't have to clean it out of her underwear today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy - Busy - Busy

OK so I started a Ladies Bible Study in my home on Thursday mornings, I was so excited that 8 woman have decided to join me. We have begun our study on Becoming a Woman of Excellence by Cynthia Heald
and then we will study an Elizabeth George book on Growing in Wisdom and Faith a study of the book of James.

So that was Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon my friend Donna and her lovely daughter Grace came over for a play date (I totally forgot they were coming until Donna called me at lunch time) the girls were so excited because they love to play with Grace and we haven't been able to get together because we both have been insanely busy with school and activities. It was a lot of fun.

Friday morning had another play date with my friend Kristie who I haven't seen in ages and we have been rescheduling playdates due to illnesses and schedule for 2 months it was so good to catch up with her. Then Friday night we had Sheppard Group and we are study Tozer's book on the Pursuit of God.Great study, a little tough to read at times but good stuff. I really enjoy getting together with our Shepard group, it's always good fellowship and the kids have a blast.

Saturday had a community yard sale (not well advertised, little to no traffic, made only $20, it was the down payment on my bike). Did some small errands, (bought my bike - see post below) church and some friends came over to play Guitar Hero on the XBOX. That was so much fun.

Sunday, up early and tried to ride my bike (again see post below about the debacle).

Then took the kids to see Up the movie (the older two) hired a babysitter to watch Madison and Jaden so we could do this, so by the time we paid for 4 tickets (2 adults and 2 children) at a matinee, popcorn, lemonade, and bottle of water, let's just say I paid less for my bike. However, since we go to the movies maybe 1 every 2 years so it was well worth the expense. The kids liked it for the most part, it has some heavy story ideas for little kids but it was a good movie.

Not necessarily one of Pixar's best movies but pretty good none the less.

So it was a very busy 4 days (you would have thought I would have had more time to take pictures) but it was filled with lots of friends, food and fun. My favorite.

Weaning ** Diet ** Excercise

So I am finally getting ready to the point of weaning Jaden. He is really only nursing 2 times a day, first thing in the morning and sometime at some other point in the day (he's taking bottles other times when he needs milk). I have been dying to diet, because Lord knows I am heavier now than when I was pregnant, trying to pack on the calories for Jaden's feedings but now he doesn't need them any more so I can cut back on my calorie in take. My first thing is to give up all junk food (Laugh out Loud) because I LOVE chocolate, I love chocolate cakes, cookies, donuts, but I especially love Drake's Food Cake Devil Dog's. We are talking the most preservative filled food imaginable, but they are totally yummy, at least to me (and I have addicted Jordan to them..however she being the size of a twig calories don't matter...although the preservatives do...guess I should feed her something healthy). Anyway I digress. This weekend determined to not eat junk food (failed miserably), I decided to purchase a bike. Now I'm not one for running (Courtney I give you all the props for your passion), and I used to love going to the gym (but time with 4 kids is an issue, especially Jaden who is hard at staying with anyone other than me, Michael and sometimes my mother-in-law , did I mention he's attached at the hip.) So I was all excited, got a good deal at Walmart on a bike, got a helmet (need to protect my head in case I fall -- who else is going to take care of my kids if something happens) get up early Sunday morning to ride my bike, all of sudden EVERY one of my kids wants to go on a bike ride. So much for going on a long bike ride by myself, but really who am I kidding, I haven't been on a bike in 15 or 20 years, so Lord knows how I will do.

I tell the kids wait here for a couple of minutes to see if I can get a feel of the new bike. So with my kids watching and Michael, who is just about ready to keel over from laughter, have I mentioned when was the last time I was on a bike. Proceed to ride, huffing and puffing while I make it to the cul de sac 500 feet away. OK this is pretty bad I think, your not supposed to huff and puff this soon and I thought my legs would hurt but I didn't think it would hurt that much, did I mention the seat feels like a concrete brick under my rear end?...

So Michael says to me I think you need to adjust your seat it's too low.. I say huh maybe that will make this ride seem easier (that and of course adjusting the gears). So he adjusts the seat (still can't do anything about how hard it is) and I take off with my kids in tow (Kaleigh first, Jordan then Madison). We get to about 6 houses up from my house when Madison says " I done Mommy." At which point she gets off the bike and turns it around and starts WALKING it back toward our house. I then call out to Kaleigh and Jordan to turn around and head home. I'm not quite huffing and puffing anymore, but my rear end feels like it's been pinched together (this can't be good for me, I mean I know my bottom is bigger than it is normally ....really don't want to be seen in a bathing suit....but this can't be normal). Now it's really rather hot out and I decide you know what later when the kids go to bed (early because we had some late nights) I will go after since the weather is so nice and I can go by myself, at my own pace and not have to worry about anyone but myself.

So after I put everyone to bed I have these grand ideas about going for a long ride. People I lasted 10 minutes, a quick ride around my neighborhood before I couldn't take it anymore. A little huffing and puffing (glad my pacemaker is doing it's job), but my rear end is so sore, today I haven't gotten even near my bike and it's still killing me. I'm going to guess that I need a different seat.

So hopefully once I get my new seat and that coupled with a dancing video I can do with the girls I 'm hoping to shed the 12 extra pounds I am currently carrying on my 5'1 frame, and while I still fit into my clothes I would like to be able to breathe in them more comfortably.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mommy Hold Still

MADISON: "I got you mommy"

ME: "You got me?"

MADISON: "Hold still mommy so I can get you!"

She must have played with this thing for half an hour easily and it never once crossed her mind to use it as a weapon to hit any of her siblings on the head with it. Not too bad.