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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

11 Months Old

Can you believe it? My little guy is 11 months old, how did the time go by so fast. Just a few things about this little guy and I do mean little. I haven't been back to have him weighed in a month so I have no idea how much he weigh's although he feels a little heavier to me. He eats like a grown man, I have no idea where he puts it all. He eats a serving of table food, I set a plate aside for him like I do everyone else and he still eats 2 jars of food after wards. His favorite is meat, he loves most meat. Not a big fruit kind of guy (although if it's pureed in a jar he will eat it). He loves mash potatoes, sweet potatoes anything starchy, pasta, rice and especially bread (he's a carb junkie). He loves almost all meat except for deli meat, he loves hamburgers, chicken any kind of pork (we had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner one night, I thought he would eat more than I would), he's OK with hot dogs but I guess he's a purist, he prefers hamburgers. He likes most vegetables, but I'm pretty sure he's thinking why fill up on those when I have this yummy meat. He is still breastfeeding although we are down to maybe 2 times a day, he takes a bottle of formula, usually around 12:30 and he drinks a full 8 ounces, he loves almost anything sweet, cookies, crackers, ice cream, pudding, yogurt. He has 4 little teeth. Seriously he has twigs for legs and arms, I can't for the life of me figure out why he doesn't weigh twice what he does. He's sssooooo cute, yes I can say that, because he's mine, he's has this hilarious crawl, he jets off with one leg while pulling with his arms. He has a thing for opening and closing doors, I have to make sure all the bathrooms and doors are closed otherwise, he'll get someone stuck on the otherside. We let him play with the pantry so he can practice this new skill. He's so vocal, he can wake the entire house with how loud he is, he surely has to keep up with his sisters, who needs a monitor when he can just call you as loud as he can. He sits up in his crib and then throws his pacifier (which most of the time he doesn't need, but he likes to have it around) across the room. He wakes up around 6:00- 6:30 (it's a little rough on the weekends, actually during the week too), goes to bed by 8:00pm, wakes up between 11:30-12:30 to eat, some times he goes a little longer I'm celeberating if I can get to 3:00, give him a quick bottle and then he's back to sleep again in 10 minutes. So it's better than it was, but not nearly as good as it could be. He naps twice a day, for an hour to an hour and half in the morning and at least 2 hours in the afternoon, sometimes longer. He's a pretty happy baby most of the time, he doesn't like to be contained too much and I swear his first words are going to be GET OFF ME, if his sisters don't stop smothering him (they love him so much). I can't believe a year ago I was beginning my twice weekly visit to the doctors for sonograms and baby stress tests, it's been quite an adventure.


Megan said...

Totally cute pic! And it sounds like you are getting good practice for his teen years when they warn the boys will eat us out of house and home!

Julie said...

he is such a cutie