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Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Bound

So we have been snowbound for the last few days...like everyone else in the Washington Metro region...actually we could have went out today, but we had a play date with Anna and Sabine. I didn't get any pictures because we were all a little busy, it got a little hairy when the girls decided they were going to play train the dog after playing with dolls for a while, but they had a good time and it was a long time since we have seen them.

After they went home, the girls went out to play with the boys next door and they wound up coming over for a short while and they all helped me make snowcream....thanks everyone for their recipes. We had wanted to make this since my friend Heather suggested it yesterda, and then reading the different versions on Leighann's and Courtney's blog, but I didn't have any real milk or cream, so I couldn't do it before today. So thanks Cindy for stopping at the store for me on your way to pick up the girls.
I thought it was kind of slushy and watery, although the chocolate helped, but all the kids loved it and the boys went home and told Josh and Cara they needed to make snowcream..LOL..
It almost felt like Grand Central station here, with kids in and out all day but I was actually able to clean 3 bathrooms (thanks to my little helpers) another load of laundry, several returned phone calls and some bookkeeping done....Lord knows that's not a favorite activity.
So we have baked muffins, shoveled snow, built trains, puzzles, schooling and tonight we topped off the night with art. We painted today because I promised like a week ago and well I finally had to just say yes instead of we will.....soon...and try to fit it into our crazy schedule. I know it's just paint, but I'm still trying to draw and cut out the right size Flat Stanley's to send to my sister in India...he may even have to go to see Renee and Damien in Thailand....before heading to Hungry to see Zach, Julie and their boys. Hopefully I can get them done this week, the girls will love it if I can pull it off, within a reasonable amount of time.
We are looking forward to getting out of the house this weekend, although we used to look forward to our weekends, now it's a series of go, go, go, with basketball games, tomorrow a birthday party and Awana on Sunday... it will almost be a relief for Monday to come..haha. I for one will be glad that Michael returns tonight, he was even able to get an earlier flight back...YIPPEE...They have continued to plow our streets today trying to widen the streets in our neighborhood and one of the plows blocked my driveway...you can imagine I just about had a fit, but I graciously asked them if they could kindly move the big pile that was now in my driveway to the side so I could get in and out. He obliged but I still had to shovel a little so that it was wide enough for when Michael came home and for me if I needed to get out.
(I love this little man, even if he makes me absolutely crazy with his 2 year old screeching). So that has been our experience the last few days. The weather on line says we are going to get some light snow next week so we'll see...really there are only 51 days till spring. Can't wait.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


We had our first real snow of the season. We had an ice storm not too long ago but this is the first significant snow...we only got 9 inches which truth be told is not too bad. My parents got 18, plus they have been pounded already a couple of times this winter so I am grateful that we only got 9". The hardest part was that Michael is out of town, he was able to get out yesterday before the storm got bad and he gets back late tomorrow night, we are supposed to have a dusting tomorrow so hopefully that won't let him have any delays.

This is as far as Jaden got for at least an hour. He refused to get off the front porch until there was a clear path, and then and only then did he decide he could safely venture out into the snow and pick up a shovel, but he never actually went in the snow. Just stood next to it. It was pretty hilarious.
Kaleigh attempting to clean off the car until I told her to get off.

Jordan was very eager to help. Too bad the snow was so deep she couldn't get under it.

Jordan had to help Madison who got stuck in the snow with her boots.
Attempting to make snow angels, although it was a little too deep. They kind of just stayed floating on top.

All of these pictures were taken before our neighbor came over with his two sons in tow to help us shovel out our driveway and sidewalks. Their service was a great blessing to our family, thanks guys! Now I can get out of my driveway and Michael even has room to pull in behind me, since he can't park on the street when he gets home, hopefully he can get home tomorrow night!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison

My sweet baby girl turned 4...Wow I can't believe I just wrote that. I love her smile, I wish she would show it more often. She is one strong willed child, but when she sets her mind to something she will do it. She is funny and sneaky and lovable all at the same time. One minute she's making me crazy and the next, I just want to hold her and squeeze her and love on her all day long. I always said she's the mix child, half of me and half of Michael and every day I see more and more of it in. She has the very best and the not so very best qualities of both of us. Her mannerism, her looks, her size all of it, is the mix, but there is nothing about her personality that is mixed. She is very set in her ways when she wants to be and still a full adventurer. She is the only one of my children who isn't afraid of heights, she loves the roller coaster and the Ferriswheel. She's still more reserved when it comes to people and can be very shy in some ways, some days they ask me if she can even speak yet since she will not say a word. But she is very choosy about who she shares her time with and who she will let in, in that way she is cautious.

I love that her best friend is her brother, they are always looking for each other no matter where they are, they always want to play together.

She wanted a Minnie cake for her birthday so Michael made her a Minnie Mouse cake and she loved it and we love our wonderful 4 year old.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The girls are playing basketball this year, it's the first time they have ever played a team sport and this year they chose basketball. Now we tried soccer once, Jordan hated it and I'm pretty sure Kaleigh wouldn't mind as long as Jordan was doing it to. But this year they wanted to play basketball instead of gymnastics or ballet. So we are trying Upwards. It's a Christian organization league that really advocates encouragement and fair play. No one sits on the bench the whole time while the star player plays, everyone plays equal amount of time and the coaches are extremely encouraging. The girls are learning about playing on a team and not letting each other down and it's still competitive enough to make it exciting. Yes I'm learning to not be one of those parents who cheers too loud, luckily I cheer for everyone, even if they are on the other team. A good shot is a good shot.

Each game starts with a prayer and words for fair play.

Kaleigh is a defensive wiz, she hasn't figured out how to switch from defense to offense, but she'll get there.
She's still learning to dribble the ball, but she gets better every week.

Jordan's game is a little more fast paced so my shots are a little more blurry.

She has a good dribble and we are still figuring out how to play offense and defense.

At the end of the game they go back to the locker rooms discuss some of the key points of the game and then they get stars for whatever the coach thinks they highlighted in the game. It is encouraging in one sense, but can definitely support a boastful attitude if not careful. Luckily my girls seem to be handling it well, they are not all that concerned about the stars, they just like being on a team and having us cheer them on when they play.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trying out a new look

I'm trying to update and simplify my blog but I'm having a hard time so pardon the crazy colors while I figure this all out.