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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison

My sweet baby girl turned 4...Wow I can't believe I just wrote that. I love her smile, I wish she would show it more often. She is one strong willed child, but when she sets her mind to something she will do it. She is funny and sneaky and lovable all at the same time. One minute she's making me crazy and the next, I just want to hold her and squeeze her and love on her all day long. I always said she's the mix child, half of me and half of Michael and every day I see more and more of it in. She has the very best and the not so very best qualities of both of us. Her mannerism, her looks, her size all of it, is the mix, but there is nothing about her personality that is mixed. She is very set in her ways when she wants to be and still a full adventurer. She is the only one of my children who isn't afraid of heights, she loves the roller coaster and the Ferriswheel. She's still more reserved when it comes to people and can be very shy in some ways, some days they ask me if she can even speak yet since she will not say a word. But she is very choosy about who she shares her time with and who she will let in, in that way she is cautious.

I love that her best friend is her brother, they are always looking for each other no matter where they are, they always want to play together.

She wanted a Minnie cake for her birthday so Michael made her a Minnie Mouse cake and she loved it and we love our wonderful 4 year old.

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Megan said...

Happy Birthday Madison! I can't believe you are four now either. Or how big your brother is getting!