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Saturday, January 15, 2011


The girls are playing basketball this year, it's the first time they have ever played a team sport and this year they chose basketball. Now we tried soccer once, Jordan hated it and I'm pretty sure Kaleigh wouldn't mind as long as Jordan was doing it to. But this year they wanted to play basketball instead of gymnastics or ballet. So we are trying Upwards. It's a Christian organization league that really advocates encouragement and fair play. No one sits on the bench the whole time while the star player plays, everyone plays equal amount of time and the coaches are extremely encouraging. The girls are learning about playing on a team and not letting each other down and it's still competitive enough to make it exciting. Yes I'm learning to not be one of those parents who cheers too loud, luckily I cheer for everyone, even if they are on the other team. A good shot is a good shot.

Each game starts with a prayer and words for fair play.

Kaleigh is a defensive wiz, she hasn't figured out how to switch from defense to offense, but she'll get there.
She's still learning to dribble the ball, but she gets better every week.

Jordan's game is a little more fast paced so my shots are a little more blurry.

She has a good dribble and we are still figuring out how to play offense and defense.

At the end of the game they go back to the locker rooms discuss some of the key points of the game and then they get stars for whatever the coach thinks they highlighted in the game. It is encouraging in one sense, but can definitely support a boastful attitude if not careful. Luckily my girls seem to be handling it well, they are not all that concerned about the stars, they just like being on a team and having us cheer them on when they play.

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