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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Snow

We had the first snow of the season. The kids have been dying for it to snow and it finally did, they have been in and out all day, playing in the snow. Even Madison who I was sure wouldn't last 5 minutes really didn't want to come in, she loved it. They can't wait for Michael to come home so he can take them sleigh riding (might not happen if it's too dark) but at least he'll build a snow man with them before it rains tomorrow and it's all gone.

She gets, but why can't I

I've been having a rough couple of days with sick kids and lots of discipline issues, on top of fighting something off myself and still after almost 8 months not having a good night's sleep.
Today it snowed, the kids have wanted to go out several times today, so I helped them bundle up and then set them free outside on the deck and the front yard. They kept asking me if I wanted to go outside with them to play in the snow (something I really don't like) so I told them no because I needed someone to watch Jaden it was too cold for him (still true) and seeing as he still does not take regular naps (I try as I might to get him on a schedule to no avail) I told them Jaden and I would watch from the window. Later in the afternoon after several times of trying to get Jaden to take longer than a 20 minute nap and hoping to get a little rest myself, after getting up with him at least 3 times last night, I decided to stop fighting it and to take him downstairs. So Jordan, Kaleigh, Jaden and I went downstairs (Madison was taking her usual 2 hour nap). They asked again could I play with them outside, this time I told them the truth that I was exhausted that after not having slept for the past almost 8 months has really worn me out. I told them that every night I pray to God that he would let Jaden sleep so Mommy can catch up on her sleep so I can feel better and take care of them and hopefully play with them more. Well Kaleigh quickly says "You know mommy, sometimes God doesn't answer your prayers right away, sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no and sometimes it's not yet." She gets it but I'm having a hard time with why not now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Want To Remember

I want to remember your beautiful "cheesy" smile. Your wild hair that seems to be calming down a bit (only a little bit). The fact that you call your sisters and brother: Kaya, Joran and Jadee. For 2 you have an amazing vocabulary. You climb anything and everything, I can't keep track of you sometimes, until I find you in strange places. You are fiercely independent, it's hard to get you to hold my hand sometimes, those are usually the battles. We've already started with the "NO" instead of the sweet OK Mommy we used to get at 18 months. Since figuring out how to dress and undress yourself I can't seem to keep your clothes on, that includes a diaper (getting you dressed at 11:00pm before I go to bed is definitely a challenge in the dark). You love to "SQUEEZE" give hugs, you follow everything your sisters do (sometimes to your own detriment). Your favorite game is duck, duck, goose and you constantly want someone to give you a "Pickee Back Rite" piggy back ride. You love snacks, we call you the snack queen, good thing all the snacks we give you like fruit and cheese sticks, you really enjoy. Of all my children you are the largest at 2 years of age 75%, maybe Daddy will still get a tall child after all. You are sweet, pretty even keeled, sleep well, eat well and just are an all round joyful and wonderful. You are my sweet little girl and I wish you didn't have to grow up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

Spent the day glued to the TV yesterday watching the inauguration. Our TV was on ALL day, I never have it on that long, but it was important and every once in a while the kids would come by and ask questions. It's apropos that we recently read the American Girl book called Meet Addy about a slave girl who gets her freedom. Pretty awesome timing, so lots of explaining and thank you God that why my girls get very sad when they hear about those things and now we are celebrating the rise of our first African American President. It was neat to share with the girls that they have two girls one Jordan's age, and talked briefly about living in the White House. I pray for their family, I pray for our president, such high expectations on this man, and how quick opinions can change if he doesn't deliver, but it's nice to see that he appears to be a man of integrity.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Sweet Little Sleeper

My sweet little sleepy boy, passed out right on Daddy's sholder.

Happy Birthday Madison

I can't believe my baby is 2. It's killing me. We had pajama party for her and invited lots of friends, she was overwhelmed at times but had a great time for the most part especially getting sung to happy birthday.

Doing stickers on hats was a fun experience.

To go along with our pajama theme, Michael made Dora slippers for the cakes.

Contrary to the face she really liked the cake.

Some of the kids at our pajama party, we couldn't get everybody together, but we had a great time.

Six Months Old

Our six month old. You may be small only 12lbs 11oz (less than the 3% on the growth chart) only 24 and 3/4" (3%) tall, you are a force to be reckoned with. It's a good thing you are so cute, you are sleeping more than 2 hours at least for 5 hours from 8pm to 1:00 sometimes 2:00am but then you sleep on and off until 6:00am. Your smile and giggle are so sweet, you are such a momma's boy. You like to smile for other people but you always want your mommy. Didn't know separation anxiety could start to early, but I don't care, you are my last baby, and even though I am as exhausted as I possibly can be I'll savor every moment of it. I'm sure one day I will miss the sweet smell of your hair or the wild curly mess that won't lay down (It seriously looks like a toupee'), you scream bloody murder when someone tries to dress you, you love to be naked. You definitely have your opinions about food, you like most (except some meat - can't blame you, pureed meat is kind of nasty) when you are done eating you give a clear, decisive indication that you are full. You can roll when you really want to but sometimes I think you would rather be a couch potato, but you love to bounce in your jumpersaucer. You are trying to sit and can do it for a couple of seconds but you fall over, the girls think it's hysterical. Don't worry you will get your revenge on them when you get bigger.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Perspective of a 6 month old

Just to give you a perspective of how small our little guy is, even though he is yes 6 months old I can't beleive it, its gone by so fast. I know I am still sleep deprived, time just flies by.

Yes these are Michael's feet and yes he's just bigger than his feet while sitting up.