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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Want To Remember

I want to remember your beautiful "cheesy" smile. Your wild hair that seems to be calming down a bit (only a little bit). The fact that you call your sisters and brother: Kaya, Joran and Jadee. For 2 you have an amazing vocabulary. You climb anything and everything, I can't keep track of you sometimes, until I find you in strange places. You are fiercely independent, it's hard to get you to hold my hand sometimes, those are usually the battles. We've already started with the "NO" instead of the sweet OK Mommy we used to get at 18 months. Since figuring out how to dress and undress yourself I can't seem to keep your clothes on, that includes a diaper (getting you dressed at 11:00pm before I go to bed is definitely a challenge in the dark). You love to "SQUEEZE" give hugs, you follow everything your sisters do (sometimes to your own detriment). Your favorite game is duck, duck, goose and you constantly want someone to give you a "Pickee Back Rite" piggy back ride. You love snacks, we call you the snack queen, good thing all the snacks we give you like fruit and cheese sticks, you really enjoy. Of all my children you are the largest at 2 years of age 75%, maybe Daddy will still get a tall child after all. You are sweet, pretty even keeled, sleep well, eat well and just are an all round joyful and wonderful. You are my sweet little girl and I wish you didn't have to grow up.

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