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Monday, January 19, 2009

Six Months Old

Our six month old. You may be small only 12lbs 11oz (less than the 3% on the growth chart) only 24 and 3/4" (3%) tall, you are a force to be reckoned with. It's a good thing you are so cute, you are sleeping more than 2 hours at least for 5 hours from 8pm to 1:00 sometimes 2:00am but then you sleep on and off until 6:00am. Your smile and giggle are so sweet, you are such a momma's boy. You like to smile for other people but you always want your mommy. Didn't know separation anxiety could start to early, but I don't care, you are my last baby, and even though I am as exhausted as I possibly can be I'll savor every moment of it. I'm sure one day I will miss the sweet smell of your hair or the wild curly mess that won't lay down (It seriously looks like a toupee'), you scream bloody murder when someone tries to dress you, you love to be naked. You definitely have your opinions about food, you like most (except some meat - can't blame you, pureed meat is kind of nasty) when you are done eating you give a clear, decisive indication that you are full. You can roll when you really want to but sometimes I think you would rather be a couch potato, but you love to bounce in your jumpersaucer. You are trying to sit and can do it for a couple of seconds but you fall over, the girls think it's hysterical. Don't worry you will get your revenge on them when you get bigger.

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