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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

Spent the day glued to the TV yesterday watching the inauguration. Our TV was on ALL day, I never have it on that long, but it was important and every once in a while the kids would come by and ask questions. It's apropos that we recently read the American Girl book called Meet Addy about a slave girl who gets her freedom. Pretty awesome timing, so lots of explaining and thank you God that why my girls get very sad when they hear about those things and now we are celebrating the rise of our first African American President. It was neat to share with the girls that they have two girls one Jordan's age, and talked briefly about living in the White House. I pray for their family, I pray for our president, such high expectations on this man, and how quick opinions can change if he doesn't deliver, but it's nice to see that he appears to be a man of integrity.

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