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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Went to NY for Thanksgiving this year and had a really great time. We got to see family although I didn't take a lot of pictures, kind of sad, but at least I have my memories.

On the Friday before we left we got to go to the New York Botanical Gardens, there they had this train show that they had artist build buildings entirely out of plant material..ie bark, leaves etc. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids loved looking at all the trains.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall Pictures

I can't even begin to tell you how my heart if feeling these days, it's full, exhausted...and full. I can't really get into it, the exhaustion is taking it's toll but the Lord is really working in my heart, really helping me to see how blessed I really am. I love this time of year but sometimes I miss the little things. Yes my house is a wreck most of the time, yes my social calendar could be a little fuller with adult time and Lord knows I could really get back to some exercise...but I know that this is a season and I pray that I don't miss the little things, because sometimes I do. Especially when I get caught up in being overwhelemed. My life is not easy....it's definitely not for the faint of heart, but God is teaching me to appreciate each and every moment because it won't last.It's hard work and I'm constantly exhausted, but one day I will be too old to change poopy diapers, and my house will be spotless, but there won't be slippers or shoes or toys everywhere and I will be able to hear a pin drop....but I won't be able to hear the noisy chaos that is now. Everyday I thank God for the blessings he gave me, because it is so much better than anything I could have ever wanted.

Just some fun photos as we get ready for our Christmas Cards.

Getting 4 kids or even 6 people to smile all at the same time is next to impossible, but fun trying.

Loving on her every day to help her see that she is an amazing person, praying that she lets go of her anxieties.

She is so tender hearted and growing up too fast. Can I just keep her this way.
Seriously this picture takes my breath away...I am hoping that we can teach her that even though she is beautiful on the outside (anyone can clearly see that...and yes I'm biased) but it's the inside that counts. I hope she lets her light shine in this world.
And I love him, because he always exhorts me, always praises me and gives in to take these pictures...even when he hates it...It's not that he doesn't like to take pictures because he does, it's because he knows I try to be a perfectionist and he just wants me to be happy.
He loves his mommy...I hope he always loves me this way.
This is how he is most of the time, my silly little sweet boy.

One of these will be our Christmas Card, or maybe not, I still can't decide.