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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Various Pictures

We had our evaluation for school this past weekend. It really was just a progress report, but we got our letter to submit to the school district so we can continue to homeschool next year.

So these are some of the pictures I found in order to show him a glimpse of what we do.

These were the kids in our CC group (Wed. Co-op) at the beginning of the year, although we grew a little by mid year.
Here is my sweet little class at the beginning of the year. although Stephanie got moved to another class and Anna joined us the others are all the same, and the first science experiment they did was GAK.
They acted out there history sentence and Jordan got to be Eleanore of Aquitaine.
After 6 weeks of the tin whistle Jordan learned to play Mary Had a little lamb, next instrument, the piano.
Of course our Christmas show, she was the Candle of Hope for the Advent Calendar.

Civil War time we had to dress for the time period.
Rockets were a major hit, we still have ours in the garage and the girls can't wait for nicer weather.

Trying to piece together some bones.
Fun with dry ice, Mrs. Sgambatti is the best science teacher.

Geography, and that is Jordan's friend Amy, who taught her how to skateboard.

Bloody hand prints. That's what happened when you spray your hands with a chemical and touch acidic paper. Can you see my daughter in her dangly earings.
Petri dishes, I couldn't believe somethings were actually cleaner than others, the toilet wasn't too bad.

We had to do our performance of the explorers for CC.

The science fair at the beginning of the year.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gotta Remember this Stuff

Kaleigh : "Mommy can you take me to see a real ballet one time."
Madison : "Me too!"
Me: "Yes that would be fun."
Jordan: "Can you take me to a skateboard event or maybe gymnastics."
Me: "UUhh ...I guess I can find something like that."

What do I say sure honey we can see a skateboard for gymnastics match...when really I'm like Huh? I don't know where to see any of those things.....but I will find out....They are so polar opposites.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rough Week and a Flat Stanley

We had a rough week around here, actually it started last week with Kaleigh getting strep throat and quite possibly the flu before I left for the weekend to attend the womens retreat. I came home full and when I say full I mean full of joy, peace that recharge you get when you are connected with God without all the other distractions. Well it didn't last long and I knew I would be under attack, I just did not know how much I would be under attack. Well while I was gone, Jaden got the flu, he would be the next child by Wed he was starting to feel better and then by Thursday Jordan was complaining about stomach pains and headaches. I didn't take any chances because of all the germs that were going around our house, but good news she didn't have the flue, but she did have strep.....key sign the stomach ache, always happens to us. But guess who woke up this morning with a belly ache....yep child number 3 or should I call her Madison. So not only has every child in my house hold been sick, but Jaden has been extra ordinarily ornery. He can't make up his mind about anything and his temper tantrums are out of control. It's down right sucking the joy out of me. By the way did I mention I came home from the retreat with a bit of a head cold.....yeah, haven't had a good night sleep all week. So glad it's the weekend and so glad the hubby is home. OK going to get off my ranting now.

We had been planning to send Flat Stanley to India about a month ago (we hope it makes it there...I'm a a little concerned), we finally got around to finishing him. He needed to be the right size. We made 2 just in case the first one gets lost. Hoping that my sister will then send Stanley to Rene and Damien in Thailand and they will take pictures of him in Thailand, hopefully before they have to leave the country....but I know they only have to leave for a short time until they are back in Thailand. My sister generously offered to send him to Thailand since it was probably cheaper than sending him back here first and then to Thailand so hopefully this Stanley will make it around the world.

Yes all the kids helped but I let Jordan stuff him in the envelope while the other kids sat on the bench and waited for me to be done, glad the post office was empty, it wasn't a good day for a long wait.

We'll be looking for pictures of Stanley in India sometime in the next month. By the way if you want to track him in India, my sisters blog is Experiencing the World One Country at a Time, check it out she has some really interesting pictures on her blog, wish she could put all her pictures from Facebook on to her blog, it gives India almost two identities.

Birthday Celebration

For my birthday my parents took the family to the Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days. This is one of our favorite places and any time the kids get to spend with their grandparents and cousins is just the best as far as their concerned. The only person missing was my sister, we really missed her but we know she was with us in spirit, even if she's on the other side of the world.

Everyone got a french braid, easier to keep your hair out of your face.
Taking a little lunch break from swimming.
I don't know who this girl is she vaguely looks like my 4 year old.
Can you tell we were pooped after a full day of swimming. We had to have some rest before we went out for a yummy dinner.Mima's gotta love on Kaleigh.
Magiquest girl, she can't seem to get enough.
Final shot before we had to go to our last basketball games of the season.

Father Daughter Dance

I know this post is a little late ( I really hate posting in the past), but a few weeks ago our church held a father/daughter dance for Valentine's day. Our church strongly encouraged the dad's to take their daughters out to a nice restaurant, open doors for them, get dressed in a suite and new dresses and finally give them corsages. Well Michael took the girls to their favorite place The Cheesecake Factory and then took them to the dance, they had Christmas dresses that they wore only once, so they were so excited to be able to wear them again. Fancy and poofy as they would say. They did some crafts and took some pictures, danced and had dessert. By the end of the evening everyone had a great time, I know Madison can't wait until she gets to go once she becomes a kindergartner.

LOVE this picture of the two of them.
Can you tell they are related.....seriously.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daddy's Little Girls.

The girls wanted me to blow dry their hair straight for a birthday party they were going to, surprisingly they sat there while I did it. Kaleigh took a little longer than Jordan because her hair is thicker but they both loved it and were so upset when they had to wash it the next day...it was gross when it had throw up in it from being sick. Oh well maybe next time.

New Friends

Kaleigh has made a new friend in Moira, she is the only other little girl in her co-op class on Tuesdays. Moira is a sweetie and Kaleigh has met her match when it comes to chatter, it was hilarious listening to the two of them all the way home, I couldn't get a word in edgewise and neither could Jordan or her friends.