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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Blessing

I have been blessed to have been surrounded by many wonderful people in our lives. Everyone from family to friends to just people I have met a long the way from Jordan's school. Today a mom from one of the girls in my girl scout troop (yes the same mom who rescued me on my really bad day) took my girls to the indoor pool with her kids. How Awesome was that. The girls have been dying to go to the pool and it's been pretty cool these last couple of weeks - nice for August, not nice for the pool, the water is freezing, so we can't get there as often as we would like with 4, but she took them today and they had an awesome time. What a blessing, thanks Joann!

A Visit

My nephew came with my parents for a quick visit last weekend. 1. He LOVES my dog, he doesn't have any pets so he is crazy about mine. 2. He LOVES his cousins and they love him. The laughter and squeals from the different rooms, while a bit deafening are awesome. I wish we could see him and my niece more often, we miss them a great deal.


Is there anything better than birthday cake, well OK maybe any sweet dessert...but she just loves her cake.

The Invisible Woman

My sister-in-law's friend posted this on her blog, it's awesome. Thanks Michele for sharing your wonderful friend's blogsite with me. It's worth the 5 minutes to listen too.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Little Big Girl

She is just dying to be like her big sisters.

Refusing to get out of Jordan's bed to go to her own.


Finally had a good day Friday, got up early and took the girls out to breakfast, we had bagels at Einsteins, then ran a couple of short errands and met my dear friend Courtney for a play date. She just had her fourth too and we went to the park and had fun. Most of the kids made it into the picture, Madison was not cooperating and I had Jaden in the infant carrier. Got home and everyone took a nap, Jaden cried for some of the morning but wasn't too bad. Of course he made up for it once my parents arrived around dinner but all in all not too bad. There is still hope.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not to beat a dead horse but...

I'm trying to get done with my complaining really I am convicted of it, believe me I'm convicted, but just when I think I'll wake up tomorrow with a better attitude the day just starts off really bad. Slept OK last night Jaden woke up at 11:00pm, 2:30am and 5:00am to eat. He ate quickly and I was able to get back to bed in 1/2 an hour each time. No major pooping, thank goodness. He woke up at 6:30 and I was not ready to get out of bed but he was not ready to snuggle so I gave him a pacifier and snuggled. Got up at 7:15 to him screaming and Madison calling me down the hall. I didn't even get a second to pee. Get everyone downstairs, figure I'll take a shower after breakfast we have no where to go and I'm not rushing. Start making breakfast for everyone and coffee for myself, Jaden's in the bouncy seat and is quiet for a few minutes but starts to fuss as soon as all the food is ready (at least he waited). I sit down start to eat my bagel and pick him up, he doesn't seem to be settling down, try nursing him, he doesn't seem interested, try burping him and share my bagel with Madison, he's not burping, give him some gas medicine to see if that helps, not helping but we have lived through the crying before so we will do it again, but I have such a bad headache and it's only 8:00am that I decide to try and put him down for a nap. All I want is for him to sleep and me to enjoy breakfast with my girls. They are of course bickering over a doll and Madison decides she wants to sit on my lap and eat my breakfast instead of hers and proceeds to dump her entire bowl of cereal with Milk and Banana's on the floor. So now I have cereal every where and a screaming toddler and infant. It's all good times. Clean up the cereal and take Jaden upstairs 1/2 an hour before he finally falls asleep. I go back downstairs to try to finish up whatever little breakfast I can salvage and reheat my coffee (I hate reheated coffee but I'm pretty desperate). Madison sees me and comes upstairs, the girls are playing nicely in the basement and I sit down for 5 minutes before I hear from upstairs Jaden crying. Tell Madison to wait for Mommy downstairs which she tells me NO - quite clearly by the way and proceeds to follow me upstairs. I tell her to go play in her room she has lots of toys and I will be with her in a minute. Get Jaden settled back down and decide to take a shower, open the door to check on Madison and she's sitting outside my door on the floor waiting for me (it breaks my heart). She wants to come in and I am stuck if I tell her no she will throw a temper tantrum and wake him up, so I let her come into the bathroom with me but of course she is only momentarily quiet and as soon as my shower starts I hear him screaming again. I take a shower as quickly as possible, I have a doctors appt at 2:30 otherwise I could have waited until tonight when Michael came home but don't want to be smelly for the doctor's appt. By now he has been crying on and off for about 2 hours and I'm getting very stressed. I feel like I have just neglected my other three children who one of them desperately needs me but I can barely get to. I decide to head downstairs and feed him again, Michael calls and hears the stress in my voice, seriously I am trying not to cry and tell him everything is fine, but since he can hear Jaden screaming in the background and since my husband knows me so well, he knows everything is not fine. He says he will try to get home early so I can have a break, I tell him I don't need a break from all the kids just the baby and he says fine. I hang up finish feeding him, call the girls up from the basement I decide after I feed him maybe a change of scenery will do him good and it will help me feel better. I want to something fun with the girls. I pack a couple of snacks and drinks and we finally leave at 11:00am screaming baby in tow, seriously I'm surprised I still have hair. I concede in my mind maybe this baby does have colic. We get in the car it starts up kind of funny not really liking the way it sounds, the battery was dead the other day, decide I'm going to take it for a longer ride than the park so I can charge up the battery. I take the car for a 20 minute ride and then remember that I want to check out the TAE KWON DO place in the shopping center behind our house, get there get everyone out of the car and speak to the man about the classes. I know this story is long but hang in there it's about to take a turn. Start the car and it won't start. IT WON'T START! I get everyone out of the car and decide we are going to walk home it's not that far (mile and a half), glad I brought drinks. We start walking and I call Michael to tell him, he tells me he is on his way I tell him to just meet me at home the babysitter (thank God I had her coming today) will be there at 2:00 so I can get to the doctor's on time, and he tells me he'll ride his bike over to get the car. We start walking and I think OK I know there is a short cut (don't trust short cuts) through this neighborhood that connects to the back side of our development. Well after walking for 15-20 minutes the girls are starting to get a little antsy the double stroller seems to be getting heavier and heavier, we come to a dead end with no connection to our neighborhood. I decide lets cut across the back yard of these houses and hopefully be on a street close to our house. Well since we can't see an invisible fence who knew two little yappy dogs charging out at you from no where could be so scary and freak out Jordan and Kaleigh. Now they really start to cry that they want to go home and I try to reassure them and look up only to see that the street we are on is no where near our house, it is in fact in the complete opposite direction of where we needed to be. So the girls are totally freaked, I'm exhausted (Jaden of course sleeping through all of this). We start walking, I tell them it will be OK we will eventually get home and I start saying a silent prayer that somehow God would take care of us, while trying to figure out what he is trying to teach me in all of this, when low and behold, he answers our prayers. One of the mothers from my girl scout troop and her daughter are driving and see us walking on her street....her street... so she asks what happened we tell her and she offers to give us a ride home. THANK YOU JESUS! I am now so relieved as are the girls, we pile in and she drives us home. We start to chatting and I am now getting out of her car and realize I left my house keys in the car! MY KEYS ARE IN THE CAR PEOPLE!!! She offers to drive me back but I call Michael to find out where he is and luckily he is only 5 minutes away. MY HERO! We get in the house and I feel like crying I'm so mentally and physically exhausted, but feel better after we all eat lunch. I feed Jaden and Karly our babysitter shows up. Michael in the mean time has gotten the car and is in search of a battery at the auto parts store. I head to the doctors in his car, Jaden in tow but he's sound asleep, check up goes well and I feel better. I decided to go get waxed because Lord knows I need to do something for myself, he sleeps almost the entire time I'm there. Why can't he sleep this good at home in HIS bed. I head home Karly is taking the girls to the pool, I said I would join them because Karly can't stay much longer, after I feed Jaden. Go to the pool, just me Jordan and Kaleigh, Michael stays home with Jaden and Madison. It's nice to have sometime with the girls, we play in the water (it's freezing by the way) and then sit in the sun to warm up, both girls take turns sitting on my lap (its been a long time since they have been able to do that) while I chat with another mom I run into at the pool and we finally head home. Michael makes dinner and we eat, I feed Jaden again and he takes Jaden again. I take Jordan, Kaleigh and Madison outside to play. We play in the yard for what seems like and hour and then we come in to get ready for bed. Baths and bed times early so we can start getting back into school night times again. So our day started out REALLY ROUGH, but it didn't end to bad. Tomorrow hopefully will be a better day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More thoughts

Our pastor at church reminds of constantly "the eyes of a man are never satisfied" how true, and "from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" These are references of versus from Proverbs one of my favorite books in the bible. Lately I have been so caught up in this sometimes crazy life, I can feel in my heart the envy of those who seem to have it all together. I desperately wish for a nanny, so I can at least get to the bathroom more than twice a day. I have not said anything but as Jesus also said if you have the thought you have already sinned, I have had to confess my jealousy sin and seek forgiveness and thank God for the wonderful life he has given me. Deep down inside I know how much I love this life, but it's hard when you are so exhausted. I need to just say Thank You LORD! Especially for my husband who works so hard so I can stay home with our children and still comes home to his second job as Dad. Parenting is hard work and as a friend of mine said "So Daily."

Thoughts on my mind

Lately Michael and I have been so busy with our roles as workers and parents that we have only had a little time for each other.We have been watching the Olympics but because we are so exhausted and fried we have had little time for deep conversations, I know this is a passing thing, only for a season, but I miss having our good conversations.

Seriously ...You can't make this stuff up

Here is a picture of the corner of the wall of Jaden's room. It's the changing table and it's a mural of an air field, our theme for his room was airplanes and we found cute bedding and wall stickers to match. Well imagine my horror...they should make warning labels with some babies.... when at 12:00am I am changing a diaper when all of a sudden I lift a leg and a little poop comes out not on the dirty diaper, because I have already removed that one, but the clean one I am he is currently laying on. I lift up the leg again to get out the second dirty diaper and put a new clean diaper under him when out like a fire hose (no exaggeration here people) out comes a fire storm of poop hitting not only my hand but the wall as well (I'm not lying). Where the tower is had mustard seedy poop dripping down the wall at 12:00am. HOW CRAZY IS THAT! So now I'm trying to change everything and I mean everything and still feed him and get him back to bed before he realizes he's been awake for a while and wants to stay awake and party. Once I do that at 1:00am I am scrubbing the wall, the changing table, the outlet had it on it, it was incredible how one little boy could poop with such force. It's beyond me, none of my three girls have EVER done this and I'm wondering is this a BOY THING?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Smile

Through all the reflux and the colic, you can be a happy baby, this is a real first smile at 7 weeks.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael! - August 13th pt 2

Happy Birthday Michael, it's hard to believe we have been together for almost 12 years and I love you more today then I ever thought possible. You are such a wonderful husband, father, provider, friend and son. Growing old with you just keeps getting better.

Wednesday Aug. 13th 1st Part.

Today the girls went to a birthday party at noon, which left me with little ones, both of which fell asleep on the way home, so I got to have lunch by myself in peace! YAHOOOOOOO!!!

I picked up the girls and let them play in the fountain at Fairfax Corner it was hot enough and they had a blast.


So Tuesday started out a little rough but with lots of crying from Jaden and lots of bickering by the girls, but ended up not too bad with a picnic at the playground for dinner (Michael had to work late).

Sometimes just getting out makes all the difference.

Monday, August 11, 2008

MY Day

OK so here is how my day went.

Woke up at 7:15 after getting up at 11:45pm, 1:30am (with Jordan and a bloody nose) 1:45am with Jaden (don't know why I bothered going back to sleep) 3:30 with Jaden (refuse to feed him because it was too early, he wasn't hungry anyway, just his usual fussy time because of gas, but he doesn't want to be put down) - back to sleep holding him in my arms, until 4:50am, change his diaper, feed him (he barely eats) and go back to sleep at 5:30am. So after I get up at 7:15 I take a shower, hope that it will help wake me up, Kaleigh follows suit and so does, Madison and finally Jordan. After I get out of the shower and get dressed, I get Madison dressed and Jaden starts to fuss. He starts to get louder as I am finishing up with Madison. Pick him up and change his diaper and get him dressed. I know if I don't do these things before I head downstairs it will completely slow down my day and we may stay in our pajamas until noon. We head downstairs, everyone is well behaved while I make 5 different breakfasts. Cereal with bananas for Madison, frozen pancakes for Jordan, french toast sticks for Kaleigh, Ham and Egg sandwich for me and some Zantac with breast milk for Jaden. He holds out the entire time I'm getting every one's breakfast together, I'm thinking this is going to be a pretty good day. Finish feeding Jaden he seems happy or so I think in his bouncer seat, I take Madison upstairs as she decided to spill all of her cereal on her clothes, and change her outfit. Comeback downstairs and Jaden is fussing, bring him upstairs, and put him down for a nap (in his car seat of course) and close the door to block out some of the noise, he sleeps for about 45 minutes. In this 45 minutes, I sort laundry and throw in a load, the first of at least 12 that needs to be done because I haven't done any in a week, get the girls to the table and do school work with them, trying to keep them busy to eliminate some of the arguing. Madison takes a tumble down the stairs, which of course is so loud it wakes up Jaden (lots of crying now). Comfort Madison, get Jaden and rock him for a little while (he seems inconsolable) I nurse him even though it's barely been 2 hours, he eats and I finish up the game with the older girls and Jordan and Kaleigh do their math and writing. Madison sits to color for a few minutes. I think OK this is working. Everyone finishes and I burp Jaden and put him back in the bouncy seat for a few minutes. Switch the load of laundry to the dryer add another load. Jaden starts to fuss. I tell everyone lets take a walk, everyone gets their shoes on, I get the double stroller out of the car (little guy still screaming) I put him in the car seat, the girls get their bikes and Madison climbs in the front of the stroller, I even take the dog - why not because I don't have enough stress. We take a 20 minute walk through our neighborhood Jaden cries the entire time.Although it feels good to do some kind of exercise again. We get back and everyone gets a drink I swaddle Jaden up because sometimes that helps, he settles down as long as I hold him. The girls play outside for another 1/2 hour, I sit on the rocks watching them. 11:30 we go inside so I can begin making lunch, put Jaden down in the pack and play - he is asleep or so I think. Five minutes later he is screaming while I make sandwiches for the girls a toddler meal for Madison and frozen meal for me. Pick up Jaden he settles down again, wants to just be held (reminiscent of all my girls). We sit down to eat, after the girls watch some TV and Madison finishes up her lunch. I put Jaden down in the bouncy seat, turn on the vibration and bounce it, he seems quiet for a few minutes. Clean up Madison and put her down for a nap, switch the next load of laundry. Jaden starts to fuss, only 15 minutes in the bouncy seat, of course it has almost been three hours so I nurse him while I watch a movie with the girls, I need a nap and tell the girls I won't make it to the end of the movie once I am done. They want me to finish watching with them and after burping Jaden he seems exhausted put him down in the bouncy seat and bounce it again to see if he will stay asleep. He does and I am dozing on the couch while the girls are watching the movie, Jaden is starting to fuss, I pick him up and he settles down, we snuggle on the couch and we both pass out for maybe 1/2 an hour, of course I am holding him. Get up and put him down the dishes need to be done, Madison wakes up from her nap, and the older girls want a snack. They help unload the dishwasher, I get Madison a drink and Jaden is actually quiet. Switch the laundry, and tell the girls we have a 4:15 doctors appt for Jaden's reflux, clean up the dishes nurse Jaden (it's been 3 hours) and make the girls some popcorn and get ready to leave. He actually seems happy for a few minutes, go to the doctor's office (not an easy feet with 4 kids) and get a new prescription. Jaden is screaming, but who can rest when you are in a 10x10 room with 3 very loud sisters, get everyone in the car, which usually settles him but doesn't seem to be doing anything and call Michael. We decided to pickup KFC since it's 5:00 and both of us are too tired to cook. Jaden screams the entire time, we get home Michael picks him up he settles down. I serve dinner on paper plates (who wants to add to the dishes) and we eat of course its almost 6:00 and Jaden needs to eat again. I nurse him after I eat as quickly as I can. Burp him and he seems almost happy and sits quietly in his bouncy seat while I clean the kitchen and go downstairs to switch the laundry. I have at least done 5 loads not quite half the loads I have but at least I will have some clean clothes. Jaden starts to fuss it is almost 7:00. I bring him upstairs, Madison follows, Michael is playing the Wii with the girls. I give Jaden a bath, swaddle him up and put him in the car seat. Give Madison a bath and the girls come upstairs as I am getting her out. Get Madison dressed and help the girls sort through some of the clean laundry for them to put away. Read Madison a story, say prayers, sing her some songs and put her to bed, say good night to the girls - Michael is putting them to bed switch the next load of laundry. I hear Jordan say to Michael "Jaden's been screaming all day." His reply "Is that why you all looked so tired?" Even the girls were fried!! I am literally exhausted and can barely type, it's 9:30 I am going to brush my teeth and of course nurse him again before I go to bed and hope and pray that he will sleep until at least 1:00am so that I can get a couple hours of sleep.

I am exhausted, I did feel like crying a couple of times today but thought OK somewhere deep down I have the strength to get through this day and here it is 9:30 and I've made it and I hope with the new medicine tomorrow will be a better day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Weekend

Had a good weekend and sorry it's coming to an end, I hate Monday's. We had a pretty good week on our own last week, kind of good to try to do things for ourselves but it definitely is a little overwhelming. Jaden's reflux that I thought was under control does not seem to be so I am going back to the pediatrician to see if we can get a different medicine - Madison needed both, but I am desperate for some sleep where my poor little boy isn't squirming or crying because he is uncomfortable. Please Lord continue to give me the strength to get through this time.

Our first of family picture!

The two men in my life, I just love these guys.

Michael made chocolate cupcakes with the girls,

then they all went for a bike ride, while Jaden and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful evening weather.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some random pictures

I think I'm about a month too late on this picture because when he first came home the shoes were definitely bigger than he was.

She loves to hold her little brother, at least 20 times a day I get asked if she can hold him, I'm so glad they all love their little brother so much, poor guy he's not going to know how to be alone.

Yes Kaleigh had to have her turn and yes she is wearing her High School Musical cheer leading outfit on, she is anxiously awaiting Oct. 24th for HM3 to come out, "right after my birthday" she keeps telling me.

No we have not yet given in to the fact that the bouncy seat now belongs to Jaden, she still likes using it as a recliner to watch a little TV and have a snack.

OK so he's screaming in this picture but I love this shirt and I can never remember to get a picture of him in it when he's wearing it, he just happen to be particularly fussy this day so I had to take the picture.

One of my favorites, happily sleeping, he's still learning to do this trick, like sleeping with out being held and oh yeah...not in a car seat. His shirt was one we bought for him before it was born it says Daddy's little wingman it's very cute not to mention someone gave us another one as a gift after he was born.

A Successful Outing

Took all 4 kids to the doctors today, Jordan has been complaining for a few days about a stomach ache, thankfully it was nothing, then ventured to Chick Fil A by myself. Except for one minor incident (Madison refused to come out of the play area when I had to change Jaden's diaper and I am literally holding Jaden with one hand and lifting Madison with the other kicking and screaming and people are actually starring at me while I drag my 18 month old with one shoe on and one shoe off through chick-fil-a to the bathrooms). Of course once we got into the bathroom had a discussion with everyone about leaving as soon as I fed my screaming 1month old and I did not want any discussion. It worked out great after that, Jordan bumped into a little girl she knows from school and we will be planning a play date for her next week! Yeah! All in all not too bad for our first real outing on our own, tomorrow we are heading to the library.


Had a better day today, actually got out of the house with the 4 kids to do some small errands and then my friend Heather came and brought me some lunch and visited a while (always good to have adult conversation) and the kids watched a movie, all in all it was a pretty good day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Blues

So I'm starting to have the hormonal withdrawal and the lack of sleep is taking it's toll, even with a nap during the day, I'm starting to have the baby blues, I know it will pass, it has with each of my other's fairly quickly, Kaleigh's lasted the longest but I know that was because of all the medication, I just have to get myself in gear spend some more time in the word (it always lifts my spirits) and remember this too shall pass.

I have some really cute pictures to post but it's going to take me a little bit.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reflection on God's Perfect Plan

Lately late at night when I am nursing Jaden in the middle of the night for the 2nd or 3rd time I do a lot of praying, if I'm not falling asleep that is. I have had a lot of time to reflect on God's Perfect Plan! I say Perfect because I see what he has planned for me which may not be what I had planned for myself. This is definitely not the life I planned but the life I was blessed with. I think I have mentioned this many times before but after Kaleigh I did not want any more children, her pregnancy was so hard, but after a while I got over it and talked to Michael about another baby, well initially he said NO, but after much prayer, by many people, Michael changed his mind and we had Madison. She was the perfect pregnancy, again God's Perfect Plan to help Michael forget how hard Kaleigh's pregnancy had been. I made a comment to Michael after she was born that had all our pregnancy's gone so well and had we been a little younger I would have had another baby and had four. He almost fell over and was like No because we can barely handle the three we have now. Well as you know God definitely has other plans and as you can see Jaden was our biggest surprise. Well after I was initially shocked and afraid and freaked out, not trusting again in God, I came to anticipate life with four children. I will admit feeling a little overwhelmed and convinced that Jaden was a girl and knowing that Michael would again freak out over a girl (he adores them but a son would be nice), we were blessed to find out that in fact we would have our son! Again, God's Perfect Plan for our family. Well this pregnancy started out great, I felt pretty good, slept well, ate well and had moderate indigestion. Now having found out I was pregnant at the same time I was weaning Madison, having wisdom teeth pulled, finalizing vacation plans that had been in the works for 5 months and finding out I was going to need a pace maker, January was definitely a crazy month. Well as you guessed again, God's Plan was for timing for everything and like my children I through a hissy fit and cried and turned my anger on him. Well like us we love our children no matter what even when they disobey and throw a temper tantrum. So after adjusting to all of these things and the excitement of having a boy, still feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that we would have 4 children and getting a pacemaker shortly thereafter. Well as you know as we got to the 32 week things started to take a turn, and I again started to worry (as most mothers do) and wonder why would God give us this new blessing and then threaten to have problems with it, I knew he would bring it about for his glory but I was not trusting enough. Well here we are August 3rd and not only did I have my precious very healthy small little boy (I needed to be able to hold no more than 5lbs after my pacemaker got put in - how perfect was that) but I now feel pretty good. I have had so much support over the past month that I have been able to heal well, nurse well (a big concern) and Jaden is starting sleep longer hours at night, just as my help has ended and now I am on my own. So in God's Perfect Plan - not only did I get the little boy we always wanted, the four children I made a passing comment about, health for myself but I have been blessed so much more than I ever deserve. God is so awesome and I don't say that lightly, I am truly amazed why he would love me so much that he would even care enough about the small details as a 4lb healthy baby boy, to keep me in his grace. WHY I always ask, but I always know the answer because as much as I may love my children, he loves me infinitely more, and for that I am more grateful for the cross every day I live and breathe
. I know I have not said this eloquently enough but it's just me reflecting in my own way.

Copied from my friends post who also Just had her 4th child.

Your other children WILL live. They will live through a few months, or even a year, of too much TV. They will survive even without any sense of a routine or quality interaction with their mother. They will still love you even after witnessing your moments of sheer insanity. They will even be able to go to college despite the absolute lack of any educational experiences during the first year of the new baby. So, don't stress out about it."i read this on another blog of a mom of a newborn (her 5th child). it's ridiculous how much better it made me feel. balancing all these people and life is hard...but i'm trying not to stress. it's just a season. and it will pass so very quickly. (i KNOW this in my head...but my heart screams different things all day.)

Vacation Bible School

This week the girls went to Vacation Bible School, the theme was Noah's Ark, it was a good change of pace for them, plus I had a doctor's appointment almost every day for Madison, Jaden and Me. So with the help of my mom who spent the week helping me out we were able to make it everywhere we needed to be and for the most part on time. Thanks Mom.

The third day was come as your favorite animal, Kaleigh was a mouse and Jordan a Giraffe and Madison just wanted to get in on the fun.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Month Old

I can't believe it's been one month already, not really sure where the time has gone, with the exception of the sleep deprevation. He is such a sweet little boy and now that we seem to have the refulx under control he seems to be a lot happier. He's already 5lbs 14oz and has grown and inch already. I can't believe he's OUR little boy! It's amazing how much I love this little boy.

Snuggled Up

All the kids have loved to snuggle with their Daddy when they were babies I think it has to do with not smelling breastmilk when they lay on me. It's a special connection between them and him that starts at birth. It always touches my heart.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sleep Deprevation

OK, so with little sleep comes some really big mistakes. This one's a biggie. Or as Bill Engvall would say "HERE'S YOUR SIGN"!

Never turn your back on an 18 month old with running water to go get a towel!

Yes she's fully clothed!