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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seriously ...You can't make this stuff up

Here is a picture of the corner of the wall of Jaden's room. It's the changing table and it's a mural of an air field, our theme for his room was airplanes and we found cute bedding and wall stickers to match. Well imagine my horror...they should make warning labels with some babies.... when at 12:00am I am changing a diaper when all of a sudden I lift a leg and a little poop comes out not on the dirty diaper, because I have already removed that one, but the clean one I am he is currently laying on. I lift up the leg again to get out the second dirty diaper and put a new clean diaper under him when out like a fire hose (no exaggeration here people) out comes a fire storm of poop hitting not only my hand but the wall as well (I'm not lying). Where the tower is had mustard seedy poop dripping down the wall at 12:00am. HOW CRAZY IS THAT! So now I'm trying to change everything and I mean everything and still feed him and get him back to bed before he realizes he's been awake for a while and wants to stay awake and party. Once I do that at 1:00am I am scrubbing the wall, the changing table, the outlet had it on it, it was incredible how one little boy could poop with such force. It's beyond me, none of my three girls have EVER done this and I'm wondering is this a BOY THING?

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