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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some random pictures

I think I'm about a month too late on this picture because when he first came home the shoes were definitely bigger than he was.

She loves to hold her little brother, at least 20 times a day I get asked if she can hold him, I'm so glad they all love their little brother so much, poor guy he's not going to know how to be alone.

Yes Kaleigh had to have her turn and yes she is wearing her High School Musical cheer leading outfit on, she is anxiously awaiting Oct. 24th for HM3 to come out, "right after my birthday" she keeps telling me.

No we have not yet given in to the fact that the bouncy seat now belongs to Jaden, she still likes using it as a recliner to watch a little TV and have a snack.

OK so he's screaming in this picture but I love this shirt and I can never remember to get a picture of him in it when he's wearing it, he just happen to be particularly fussy this day so I had to take the picture.

One of my favorites, happily sleeping, he's still learning to do this trick, like sleeping with out being held and oh yeah...not in a car seat. His shirt was one we bought for him before it was born it says Daddy's little wingman it's very cute not to mention someone gave us another one as a gift after he was born.

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