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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break - Thursday -Disney World

After we picked up Michael from the airport on Wednesday, which Wed was a very low key day spent by the pool, we had decided early on to take the kids to the Magic Kingdom on Thursday, since we would be driving back Friday and being in Orlando kind of hard to miss Disney, we wanted to do it before we headed home.

We decided to go early and hope for the best (forgoing afternoon naps for our younger ones...always a questionable move) to try and see as much as we could, the kids did great, we stayed until the electric parade at 9:00 at night, although they fell asleep watching the parade in the perspective arms of their carriers.
Taking the monorail to the park, you can see everyone is pretty hot already...the weather was in the 90's.
Always have to have an entrance picture.
Because it was spring break we had to do a lot of waiting in lines..which was fine for some of us
and some of us got to ride and rest..A double stroller is a must if you have little ones, it helps them to last a lot longer. We had some of the kids try to sit in it when the little guys stepped out, which they caught on pretty quick they would lose their seat if they moved.
Character time is a favorite for any Disney trip and they were so excited to see Buzz Lightyear, I know it won't always be the case.
We did some of the rides with my nephew and some of the bigger rides he got to go by himself with Papa. Like Pirates of the Caribbean. My kids would not like that one.
This is the welcome parade which happens early on...thats' Cinderella's float with the Evil's.
Faces while waiting in the dumbo lines.

This was definitely a highlight for all of us. The kids were excited to see Mickey and we were excited to see their reaction.... it was so great.

We had a really great time at Disney, everyone loved it, we got to go on a lot of rides, some we had to save for next time...but I was glad we got to experience this time together. I only wish I got more pictures with the grandparents.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break Tuesday

Tuesday was a laid back kind of day, it was actually really good to kind of just lay low and let the kids enjoy their time at the pool. For dinner we went to the Grand Floridian to have dinner with Cinderella. We've had dinner before with Cinderella and it's always a favorite.

Unfortunately the wait is a little long, but at least the grounds are beautiful to visit while we wait. This is one of the pools at the hotel, the kids wanted to see it.

One of the evil step sisters. I think this one is Drizilla
and this one is Anastasia.
Prince Charming of course.
And the beautiful Cinderella.
All these actors really get into character, the kids love it. Jaden refused to take a picture with the evil step mother unless Papa held him, and even then.
While we waited for our cars at the valet service,they have these old fashion carriage and car for people to take pictures with.
The Grand Floridian is a huge wedding place, so everything is made for that purpose.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break Monday - Epcot

Went to Epcot on Monday....I was excited to go....the girls have been studying Europe and Asia this year so I wanted to see if they remembered anything....and not that they didn't but with all the people and the stimulation it was hard to even remember my own name...LOL...

Our original plan was that we would go early in the morning...not too early because after all it is hard to get 5 kids and 3 adults out at a reasonable hour...I digress though...our original plan was for us to go early come back to the condo for an afternoon siesta and return after 4 pm for dinner. Well let me tell you that did not happen. We were there the entire day, and the kids did pretty good. There were a few complaints about going back so they could go swimming...it was 90 degrees after all...it was HOT...but it was a nice weather because even though it was hot it wasn't too humid.

We drove over to the Swan and Dolphin hotel and then took a boat ride over.
This is in England where the boat lets you out....
How many kids can you fit in a phone booth...and for those of you who watch Dr. Who...I don't know if that's the phone both.
They had an awesome butterfly habitat on display..beautiful...only 3 of the 5 kids liked it, but it was a neat experience.

To get out of the sun we went to the imagination station and Jaden loves Fire trucks so we had to take pictures of it.
They also got to play this game called the Great Piggy Bank Adventure it teaches them all about setting goals with money and not spending what you don't have.
I thought it was interesting a lot of the techniques they used because Michael and I had just finished our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class and the games used a lot of the same principles...diversifying your money, etc.
This game they really liked it taught them how to save their money but to not keep it all in one place.
Kaleigh and Madison reached their goal and were able to save their money and go on a vacation.
Outside the Nemo Ride.
This is what he did while we waited.
Outside of the Mexico Plaza.
Inside the Mexico water ride, it's kind of like it's a small world decorated with dolls from Mexico.
I like the art work that are all over the walls.
This is the walls from Norway.
Between Norway and Mexico we got to meet Donald... This little boy was so excited..he didn't know what to do with himself.
The girls got to meet Mulan, don't remember if it was in China or Japan.
Walking by the Italy plaza.
The only thing Kaleigh really wanted was the fan waterbottle and a folding fan.It was the garden festival through out Epcot and there were some beautiful designs, this one I actually got to take a picture of the kids in front. Lady and the Tramp.
A dance contest the kids were in.
Kaleigh and Yael...my nephew.. made the last three finalist.
Kaleigh came in first and Yael second...it was so much fun to watch...
Unfortunately they didn't win anything...not even an ice cream but they are all winners in my book.
Love Yael in this hat from China I wish I would have caught him looking.
They were hanging tough by the end of the night, but they had fun...good thing the next day was a resting day.