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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break - Sunday

Sunday we had some time before we had we had to take Michael to the airport so we were able to spend it in the pool. The pool is heated, but really it was unnecessary as the weather was hot and perfect for a cool swim.
Doesn't he look like he is ready to go in. He begged for a pair of goggles like the big kids and then refuse to get in the water.
This is pretty much where he spent his time. We proceeded to drop him in anyway but he screamed his head off. By Wednesday though at the end of the day he was finally enjoying the pool. Oh well I guess we'll have to try again at our pool at home.
These two I couldn't get out of the pool.
After we dropped Michael off at the airport the rest of us went to the Disney Market to visit the Lego store and the Toy Store. Of course there is a large Buzz Light year and Mr. Potato Head outside of the store. Well Jaden kept trying to press all the buttons on the giant statue and was fascinated by it.
Of course trying to get picture with all five kids was down right impossible.
You pick the one that came out the best....LOL..
My nephew is in the back behind Buzz trying to hide.
And the same thing happened with Mr. Potato Head.
I finally just gave up.
While the big kids were in the Lego store I took the little kids to the carousel. They love carousels.
It was a fun start to a good week.

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