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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't know what I was thinking

We normally don't do too much "outside recess" too bad because the weather has been nice, but I'm just trying to squeeze in all the things I need to do around school work and activities. Well today I decided to take a short walk after lunch and before the little ones when down for nap (although now I'm pretty desperate for a nap myself).

On our walk I let Jordan and Kaleigh ride their bikes around the neighborhood, while I pulled Madison and Jaden in the wagon. Sounds pretty easy right. Well it wouldn't have been so bad except I forget how heavy Madison is and adding both kids makes almost a total of 50lbs. Not so bad if your pushing but pulling is a different story....OH and did I mention I decided to take our dog with us, needless to say the dog was pulling my arm ahead of me and I was dragging the wagon behind me (I looked like a sideways T) if I had an extra arm I might have taken a picture of how ridiculous I look. Needless to say the 3/4 of mile walk around my neighborhood has done me in and my back is killing me.

That's just so bad..LOL..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Art Friday

We had our Art Friday again, this time we did something for Thanksgiving. We made pilgrim hats and thanksgiving place mats. Our mats were supposed to have a picture of our family and thank you to the ladies for emailing it to me, unfortunately my printer was out of ink. We had a good time anyway.

Our place mats had the verse from Psalm 92:1 "It is good to give thanks to the Lord" the kids all decorated it with stickers and write what they were thankful for.

Kaleigh - was thankful for her house.

Jordan was thankful for her Mommy and Daddy.

Madison was thankful for her Daddy (I guess I'm chopped liver) LOL..

Training Early

Just to let you know my obsession for cleaning some days is wearing off even on our youngest.

By the way he refused to take the hat off, he really liked wearing the hat especially after seeing Daddy wearing one.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Water for Christmas

My friend Courtney has a passion for this amazing charity, so I am doing my best to support her, its an easy thing to do, for as little as $20.00 you can buy someone in Africa water for life. How easy is that. If you want to donate something/anything would be worth every penny you spend, simply click on the gift box in the corner and you will be directed to the site that is managing it. If you like you can go directly to Courtney's blog she is selling some cool shirts, Christmas ornaments and bags if you want to purchase a good. It is a worth wild cause.

Playing in the Leaves

It was beautiful the first part of the week. The girls got to enjoy some time outside playing in the leaves. Almost everyone enjoyed it. Jaden enjoyed the gathering but he wasn't all that excited about the jumping in part.
We even found a neighbors child in the pile of leaves we raked..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a lot going on this weekend, Shepherd Group Friday, and some chores on Saturday..
yet we still managed to have some fun. After weeding the garden on Saturday and Michael taking
the girls to Lowes to get wood to build shelves in their rooms, the girls and I went to the
library to get books. After he let them all paint the shelves (they like to be involved) we went
to church and out to dinner with friends. We love being social.
On Sunday we went on a hike to take some fall pictures (not too much fall colors because all the leaves are off the trees) but we had a great time. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to
be out and about spending the day together. I LOVE the weekends and our family time.

She loved playing in the leaves.

I Love this man, even if he doesn't want to do something, he will do it for me.

Hope you had a great weekend too.

Sweetest Smiles

He loves his Daddy and I love his smile.

Monday, November 2, 2009

16 Months

Yesterday the big boy turned 16 months. Time is flying by too fast.

We had a great weekend, lots of fun stuff. Michael took the kids trick or treating and Madison actually liked it, Jaden stayed in the wagon. Everyone is feeling better, including me and we even had the chance to clean out my computer/craft room in the basement, took almost all day and seven bags of garbage (my mom would be so proud), the garbage men I'm sure hate us.

With the exceptions of a bad day today (guess you've got to have the bad with the good), lots of poop all over the place here, lets just say we've hit a bump in the road with potty training and someone else had prunes, I'm pretty much done for the day, but these pictures were too cute to pass up.

Big boy pajamas and he desperately needs a hair cut.
Constantly on the move, and such a string bean.