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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't know what I was thinking

We normally don't do too much "outside recess" too bad because the weather has been nice, but I'm just trying to squeeze in all the things I need to do around school work and activities. Well today I decided to take a short walk after lunch and before the little ones when down for nap (although now I'm pretty desperate for a nap myself).

On our walk I let Jordan and Kaleigh ride their bikes around the neighborhood, while I pulled Madison and Jaden in the wagon. Sounds pretty easy right. Well it wouldn't have been so bad except I forget how heavy Madison is and adding both kids makes almost a total of 50lbs. Not so bad if your pushing but pulling is a different story....OH and did I mention I decided to take our dog with us, needless to say the dog was pulling my arm ahead of me and I was dragging the wagon behind me (I looked like a sideways T) if I had an extra arm I might have taken a picture of how ridiculous I look. Needless to say the 3/4 of mile walk around my neighborhood has done me in and my back is killing me.

That's just so bad..LOL..

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Abi said...

I think there are less stressful ways to get exercise, although I would have liked to see you trying to get that wagon home.