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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Various Pictures

We had our evaluation for school this past weekend. It really was just a progress report, but we got our letter to submit to the school district so we can continue to homeschool next year.

So these are some of the pictures I found in order to show him a glimpse of what we do.

These were the kids in our CC group (Wed. Co-op) at the beginning of the year, although we grew a little by mid year.
Here is my sweet little class at the beginning of the year. although Stephanie got moved to another class and Anna joined us the others are all the same, and the first science experiment they did was GAK.
They acted out there history sentence and Jordan got to be Eleanore of Aquitaine.
After 6 weeks of the tin whistle Jordan learned to play Mary Had a little lamb, next instrument, the piano.
Of course our Christmas show, she was the Candle of Hope for the Advent Calendar.

Civil War time we had to dress for the time period.
Rockets were a major hit, we still have ours in the garage and the girls can't wait for nicer weather.

Trying to piece together some bones.
Fun with dry ice, Mrs. Sgambatti is the best science teacher.

Geography, and that is Jordan's friend Amy, who taught her how to skateboard.

Bloody hand prints. That's what happened when you spray your hands with a chemical and touch acidic paper. Can you see my daughter in her dangly earings.
Petri dishes, I couldn't believe somethings were actually cleaner than others, the toilet wasn't too bad.

We had to do our performance of the explorers for CC.

The science fair at the beginning of the year.

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Renee said...

Wow, looks like such fun stuff! I would have loved that as a kid. :-)