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Thursday, January 27, 2011


We had our first real snow of the season. We had an ice storm not too long ago but this is the first significant snow...we only got 9 inches which truth be told is not too bad. My parents got 18, plus they have been pounded already a couple of times this winter so I am grateful that we only got 9". The hardest part was that Michael is out of town, he was able to get out yesterday before the storm got bad and he gets back late tomorrow night, we are supposed to have a dusting tomorrow so hopefully that won't let him have any delays.

This is as far as Jaden got for at least an hour. He refused to get off the front porch until there was a clear path, and then and only then did he decide he could safely venture out into the snow and pick up a shovel, but he never actually went in the snow. Just stood next to it. It was pretty hilarious.
Kaleigh attempting to clean off the car until I told her to get off.

Jordan was very eager to help. Too bad the snow was so deep she couldn't get under it.

Jordan had to help Madison who got stuck in the snow with her boots.
Attempting to make snow angels, although it was a little too deep. They kind of just stayed floating on top.

All of these pictures were taken before our neighbor came over with his two sons in tow to help us shovel out our driveway and sidewalks. Their service was a great blessing to our family, thanks guys! Now I can get out of my driveway and Michael even has room to pull in behind me, since he can't park on the street when he gets home, hopefully he can get home tomorrow night!

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Leighann said...

I hope Michael gets back safely and on time. did you make snow cream?