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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

POOL time with 4 kids, yes it can be done.

So it took me an HOUR to get ready to go to the pool today. In that hour was finding the towels in the laundry, making lunches for everyone, being sure to also pack snacks, drinks, sippy cup for Jaden and what ever other things we will need in the snack bag. Get each of the kids lathered up with SPF 50 and the bathing suits on the little ones. Get myself dressed and lathered.. get a bottle together and FINALLY get everyone out the door. What started at 10:00 (I had to clean up the breakfast dishes first) we left the house at 11:30. Get to the pool at 11:35, and by the time we unload the car (including snack bag, towels, floaties and bag of swim toys) they blow the whistle (11:45) for Adult Swim (it means no kids are allowed in the big pool for 15 minutes.) The kids attempt to go into the wading pool but they have just refreshed it and the water is freezing. We decide to eat our lunch. We sit eat our lunch 12:00 the whistle blows and all the kids are allowed back in the pool. They finally get in the pool and at 12:40 it starts to get cloudy and cold and they are done. They are shivering and ready to go home, no complaints, except Madison who isn't nearly as wet as the girls. Of course the minute we get home it rains for five minutes and then it's done and the sun comes back out but that's how it goes. So while the two older girls swam, I sat on the steps with Jaden and Madison. So a whole hour to get ready to spend a whole HOUR at the pool.

I did prove however, I can do the pool, not easily alone but I can.

My little fish.

This is how she spent most of her time, walking back and forth on the steps.

This is all he wanted to do, sit by the side and throw toys in the water, he doesn't like the water because it's too cold. Can't say that I really blame him.


Courtney said...

that's what sawyer does too! throw toys in, then reach in and get them. he never falls in...but all the moms around always freak out!

Megan said...

Go mom! Great job getting four of them there at once...I cannot imagine!!!

Julie said...

yeah, you and courtney rock for getting your kiddos to the pool to play... you are a super mom!!