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Monday, June 8, 2009

Weaning ** Diet ** Excercise

So I am finally getting ready to the point of weaning Jaden. He is really only nursing 2 times a day, first thing in the morning and sometime at some other point in the day (he's taking bottles other times when he needs milk). I have been dying to diet, because Lord knows I am heavier now than when I was pregnant, trying to pack on the calories for Jaden's feedings but now he doesn't need them any more so I can cut back on my calorie in take. My first thing is to give up all junk food (Laugh out Loud) because I LOVE chocolate, I love chocolate cakes, cookies, donuts, but I especially love Drake's Food Cake Devil Dog's. We are talking the most preservative filled food imaginable, but they are totally yummy, at least to me (and I have addicted Jordan to them..however she being the size of a twig calories don't matter...although the preservatives do...guess I should feed her something healthy). Anyway I digress. This weekend determined to not eat junk food (failed miserably), I decided to purchase a bike. Now I'm not one for running (Courtney I give you all the props for your passion), and I used to love going to the gym (but time with 4 kids is an issue, especially Jaden who is hard at staying with anyone other than me, Michael and sometimes my mother-in-law , did I mention he's attached at the hip.) So I was all excited, got a good deal at Walmart on a bike, got a helmet (need to protect my head in case I fall -- who else is going to take care of my kids if something happens) get up early Sunday morning to ride my bike, all of sudden EVERY one of my kids wants to go on a bike ride. So much for going on a long bike ride by myself, but really who am I kidding, I haven't been on a bike in 15 or 20 years, so Lord knows how I will do.

I tell the kids wait here for a couple of minutes to see if I can get a feel of the new bike. So with my kids watching and Michael, who is just about ready to keel over from laughter, have I mentioned when was the last time I was on a bike. Proceed to ride, huffing and puffing while I make it to the cul de sac 500 feet away. OK this is pretty bad I think, your not supposed to huff and puff this soon and I thought my legs would hurt but I didn't think it would hurt that much, did I mention the seat feels like a concrete brick under my rear end?...

So Michael says to me I think you need to adjust your seat it's too low.. I say huh maybe that will make this ride seem easier (that and of course adjusting the gears). So he adjusts the seat (still can't do anything about how hard it is) and I take off with my kids in tow (Kaleigh first, Jordan then Madison). We get to about 6 houses up from my house when Madison says " I done Mommy." At which point she gets off the bike and turns it around and starts WALKING it back toward our house. I then call out to Kaleigh and Jordan to turn around and head home. I'm not quite huffing and puffing anymore, but my rear end feels like it's been pinched together (this can't be good for me, I mean I know my bottom is bigger than it is normally ....really don't want to be seen in a bathing suit....but this can't be normal). Now it's really rather hot out and I decide you know what later when the kids go to bed (early because we had some late nights) I will go after since the weather is so nice and I can go by myself, at my own pace and not have to worry about anyone but myself.

So after I put everyone to bed I have these grand ideas about going for a long ride. People I lasted 10 minutes, a quick ride around my neighborhood before I couldn't take it anymore. A little huffing and puffing (glad my pacemaker is doing it's job), but my rear end is so sore, today I haven't gotten even near my bike and it's still killing me. I'm going to guess that I need a different seat.

So hopefully once I get my new seat and that coupled with a dancing video I can do with the girls I 'm hoping to shed the 12 extra pounds I am currently carrying on my 5'1 frame, and while I still fit into my clothes I would like to be able to breathe in them more comfortably.


Julie said...

I am so sorry for your sore bum. that is no good, and maybe you could get a gel cover for it to make it a bit softer. I always laugh when I want to go for a walk and Eli has to come. We get to the end of the block and he is done. Seriously...doesn't work. I have found that if I don't get up early and work out I wont' do it during the day. I will pray that you find the time, I cannot imagine with 4 kids. I am with you, I have no idea how Courtney does it

Courtney said...

hey...i have a seat cover you can borrow to try out! i don't need it on my new bike...but use it when i borrow other people's bikes. it's nice and cushy!

good for you! just keep at it and the huffing and puffing will get better :-)