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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hair Cuts

So we are getting ready to go on vacation on Saturday. We are headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my -in laws before they move to Georgia, but before we headed out I wanted to get the kids a hair cut. Jaden was in desperate need, not that I don't love his curls, but it was getting a little unruly. It always breaks my heart when I see him with his hair cut because he looks so much older than my sweet little baby boy. Although for as loud and active as he is, there is nothing baby about him, he is full fledged toddler, less the walking. Anyway I squeezed in a hair cut for them in between a fairly busy week, had a physical, had a tooth pulled this week (still recovering) and I'm getting the car looked at tomorrow before we leave. OH yeah and we were asked to leave the public library today because the kids were too loud. Nothing can embarrass a parent more than being scolded about your children in a public place.


The girls have been asking me to get their hair cut short ever since seeing their cousin Caity and their Friend Rebekah with short hair. I told them while those girls hair looked beautiful they have straight hair and that our hair is CURLY. Ssooo if we try to cut our hair that short (and believe me I have had some short hair cuts in my life) it would poof out and look a little like Madison's wild do. They weren't convinced but the ladies at the Cartoon Cuts told them they could cut it with long layers. So this is the compromise on the length. We'll see how we do at the beach this week. Kaleigh's is a lot short than Jordan's in case you can't tell.

Madison not too happy to be sitting there.
But she liked it after wards, while it doesn't look like much was taken off she had a lot of dead ends, and yes she wore a tutu skirt to get her haircut.
First time ever Jaden didn't cry although I told her to leave it longer on the top, I don't think she knew I what I meant.
This is not longer on the top, this is short all around. OH well at least it will grow back. Don't mind the cherry juice stains on his shirt, he couldn't help but devour them at lunch.

Bonus on the hair cut because I took all 4 kids at the same time, I got a discount and saved $6 per haircut.

Well unfortunately my point and shoot camera can't compare to our other camera but I didn't feel like taking it to the mall. So they aren't the sharpest but you can see them.


Courtney said...

wow! all 4! love madison's skirt :-)

Renee said...

They are so so cute. I've been worried once or twice at the library that we'd be scolded. We've definitely gotten dirty look. :-) Jaden look so much like Michael with his new doo! So cute.

nate and liz said...

Did you go to Cartoon Cuts? I just took my girls in there for their trim on Tuesday - so fun! We need to get together! Have fun! ~liz