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Friday, August 7, 2009

Been Gone a While

My sister came for a visit for a few days after my mom, came for a few days so we have had lots of fun visiting with family lately. Unfortunately, I did not get enough pictures, but at least I got one on of my sister and the kids.

We've been so busy with this summer, it seems to be flying by, but here are some quick pictures from the past several weeks.

Look how little he is compared to his Daddy, it cracks me up.

Does she not have the worlds best smile, the curls the cheese, I can't take it....she's too cute.
Yes, I'm bragging on my kid.

Kaleigh's on a kick lately about being a cowgirl, she keeps asking if she can save enough of her allowance can we buy a horse. How crazy is that..


Renee said...

It still makes me smile to see Michael with the boy he prayed for. :-) And that Madison - is she beautiful or what? Of course, all your kids are.

Michelle said...

Be careful what you pray for because God answers all prayers, even if it's in his own time. Thank you.