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Sunday, July 19, 2009

VBS (Vacation Bible School)

The kids went to Vacation Bible School at our church, for those unfamiliar with VBS, it's like camp at church, lots of singing, water games, arts craft and of course a biblical message, the kids look forward to it every year and every year they have a ball. I didn't get to help out this year.. Jaden is a little challenging to leave in the nursery but fully hope to volunteer for the week next year, I hate missing the fun, you are exhausted but it is so worth it.
Getting ready to go the last day, they had to wear their shirts every day so I had to wash them every night.The Conga line the kids were doing during praise time for Jordan's age group.

Praise time for Kaleigh's age group.
Kaleigh with her friend Anna.
And of course her friend Alec.
My friend Heather doing crafts, 8 months pregnant no less.
And my friend Abi with her sweet little boy Joshua, I like the black and white but you can't see his sweet beautiful blue eyes.
Finally Alec came over for a play date, these two together are inseparable, they will really miss each other when they go to kindergarten. We will have to make sure we set up play dates.

Still have pictures to post from the carnival Friday night. Yikes.

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Renee said...

I really miss RBC VBS! Glad your girls had a great time!