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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaleigh

Kaleigh turned 7 we had a Rock Star party. Our family loves music and I guess we play a little too much Guitar Hero on the Wii but it's a video game we can all do together. The girls like the drums and the guitar, but as soon as they get singing the walls start to shake...LOL..

Limo races.

You had to go with a partner in your limo, and race to the balloons. Get a balloon and pop it, any
way you could. The fun thing was the grass was pretty dry and my brother blew them up pretty
full so they burst almost on instant contact with the grass. They loved this game.
Can you tell the little guys just trying to figure it all out.

We of course had a singing game. Everyone had to sing and freeze dance at the same time.

The music was clearly moving him.

This moon bounce has been a life saver, we have been able to use it for almost all the parties we've had since Kaleigh was 4.

'And of course Michael had to make one of his special cakes. Kaleigh really liked her edible guitar.

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