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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 months- a little late

OK so I'm a little late with Jaden's 15 months stats (gotta keep record of this stuff or I won't remember).

He is so cute.

OK he is a peanut, a little string bean. He weighs 17.45lbs, while he's gaining weight (which is great) and maintaining his own growth chart, he'll still be in a rear facing car seat. Oh well at least he has his sisters to make him laugh. He is on the chart for his height, albeit only at the 10th percentile but he's on at 29 1/2". Is he sleeping through the night (sort of) he still wakes some nights around 4:30 or 5:00 and will drain a 6oz bottle if given the option. The boy however eats, he eats breakfast with us, fruit, snacks then lunch, nap, more snacks, dinner from whatever we are eating and STILL has jar food at 7:00 before getting ready for bed. In between meals he has 6oz bottles of what they call NEXT step it's a cross between formula and milk (he really needs the calories) and juice and water.

He loves fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt and anything sweet of course. He's not a big meat person unless you consider a ham and cheese sandwich real meat. He loves pasta with lots of butter, sauce and cheese. He really likes macaroni and cheese, mash potatoes and his all time favorite thing...guacamole...That he really enjoys, especially the way Michael makes it, no chip needed, just eats it by the spoonful (well quite frankly everyone in our house like it).

He has given up morning naps (good and bad) and now takes a 2/12 hour to 3 hour nap in the afternoon, he goes to bed around 8:00 and sleeps until he wakes up to eat (whatever middle of the night time that is) and then goes right back to sleep until about 8:30 or so, sometimes earlier if the girls are really loud when they wake up and of course on CO-OP days, we have to leave the house by 8:30.

He has 6 teeth and last week alone he cut 3 molars (yes last week was rough sleeping for him).

He is such a cutie, he walks around hugging everyone, sometimes you're not even expecting it and he just comes and hugs your legs and then gives you his kiss a MUWA (I don't even know how to spell the sound he makes). If you are sitting on the floor he promptly plops himself right into your lap, and if someone is already there he will lean on them to push them out of the way or squeeze in between (he will not be left behind).

He has an incredible vocabulary as well, it's pretty wild, he reminds me a lot of Kaleigh which is a little scary because Kaleigh never takes a breath when she talks and she started saying full sentences by 18 months, he's headed that direction. He can say UP, PLEASE (sounds like peas), CHEESE (sound a little like pease but you can here the ch sound), AMEN, (which sounds like AAAYYYYmen - it's hysterical), MORE (sounds like mo but he uses sign language t0 indicate) BALL (sounds like Bbbaaaa), his word for bottle is BA, not to be confused with ball, I'm missing some..but can't remember them all...he also says mama and charges for the door screaming dada when Michael walks in the door. Oh yeah and today I asked him if he wanted juice and he actually said YEAH while nodding. Normally he just nods yes or no but today he said YEAH.. Too funny. He knows when we go out he has to get his shoes so he tries to say soouz and he sits so you can put them on points to his feet and says fee for feet, then runs to where the jackets are so you can get it, points to his head and says AT for hat. I love this age, its so much fun.

He climbs on anything given the chances and loves to tackle the girls, he thinks its funny, and is trying to run. I have to laugh because he can barely get 3 steps before he falls because he's going too fast. He really is just a love. It's hard to ever remember life before he got here, he just makes everything better. Everyone in this house adores him (even his closest rival Madison) they constantly just want to play with him, he's so much fun.

Michael looks like a giant next to him.

OH the sadness when you have a shorter nap then you should have...(laugh out loud).


Courtney said...

those pictures of him falling asleep are HYSTERICAL!!

Julie said...

i agree with courtney... I love those pictures, they are so cute and funny..

Megan said...

Such a sweet dedication to your little guy. I love the falling asleep in spaghetti photos. I pray he slept well THAT night!