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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaleigh

We celebrated Kaleigh's birthday this weekend. I can't believe she has turned 6. I don't understand how quick that went by. She is amazingly smart and athletic and just so much fun. Some days you just want to say WOW... where did you come from...We went to the germ factory called Chuck-E-Cheese, she loved it, having all of her friends there was great and I didn't have to do much clean up or preparation, that was a bonus..

Not sure how you can sleep at Chuck-E-Cheese but apparently you can.
Jordan's best friend Brady, he really likes hanging out with our girls.


Renee said...

Happy birthday Kaleigh! I can't believe she's six either. I love the picture of Jaden sleeping.

Julie said...

happy birthday Kaleigh! I want to take the kids to ChuckeCheese when we go back to America... looks like she had a great time