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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall for Fairfax

We went to the Fall for Fairfax fair this year. It is a free fair that they always hold in October, the kids have fun, we usually make a scarecrow and and take the train ride and eat lots of food, but this year we decided to just do the train ride and some of the free booths. The kids had as much fun as always and we didn't have to hear...."This straw is itchy..when are we going to be done with this scarecrow?"

Recycling toss, he loves to walk now, it's all he wants to do.
Train ride, kids paid and the parents ride for free for each paying child.
They thought the painting was great, and I did too for a minute then, I realized...huh...we are outside with a little tiny sink to wash away all this paint...maybe not the smartest idea...good thing we didn't wear any good clothes.
The only time they get to sit on a public bus.


Renee said...

What a cute picture of Jordan driving the fire truck. I've never heard of Fall for Fairfax. How did we miss it? Looks like a blast.

Julie said...

what a fun idea...I had never heard of it either...but then when I lived in NOVA I didn't have kiddos... looks like a fun time