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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Trip to New York

Every year I take the kids to New York to spend a week with my parents, sometimes Michael can stay for a few days sometimes he has to work (the summer is his busiest time of year to travel and this summer has been particularly busy) this year he was in Pheonix for the whole while we missed him, our week was so busy and fun the week flew on by. I took what pictures I could but not of everything.

We arrived on Saturday for my cousin's daughter Sweet 16 (I got to wear my new dress twice since Chicago....always a bonus)
Me and one of my aunts...love you Titi Alice.
The birthday girl cuts her cake.

My cousins, birthday girl in the middle, her parents on her left and my other cousins her aunt and uncle on her right.
She is a great girl...very encouraging to see a young lady pursue God so fervently. She is your typical teenager but has a true passion and love for the Lord.
We had to take Michael to the airport and since the Liberty Science Center is right near it, my mom, brother and I took all the kids (including my niece and nephew). I wasn't able to take many but here are a few I did get. Jaden, Madison and Isabella were scooping up rice in the young explorers area. This area was specifically targeted towards 2 -5 year olds.

Jordan helping Jaden dress in the skyscraper area as construction worker.

Tuesday we got to go to American Girl store and the Lego store downtown New York City.
Jordan's doll Ashley has a lazy eye, so she had to be sent to the hospital to see if they can fix it, she's been very upset that she had to leave here and wants to throw her a coming home party for her when she finally comes home in 2 -4 weeks.
Papa helping build Lego buildings from the legos the girls bought with their allowance money.
Gap sweatshirts Mima bought because we didn't pack any sweaters for our trip who knew it would be cold and rainy in August in New York....it's normally hot, hot, hot and humid.
We got to go to Rye Playland, a small amusement park we have been going since I was young, it
is considered a national landmark. However, they have now price fixed it and it is no longer
a cheap experience...but we went in the evening and got a discount (thanks Mima and Papa).
Bella and all the little kids got to go to Kiddie Land and of course I had to ride with Jaden because
he was too little ride alone on any of the rides. Poor Jordan was too big to ride some of the kiddie
land rides and too short to ride some of the big kid rides, but we found enough rides for her that
she was happy and I of course was happy with the funnel cake.

Why do they make most rides to spin around in circles?
On Friday before we picked up Michael from the airport they rented a boat for all of us. Here is my sister with Kaleigh.
My nephew Yael.

Jordan loves her uncle Dylan.
Everybody got to drive the boat.

Madison mad because she was done driving.
Everyone partying on the boat. The water was freezing so no one could go swimming, not that I would have wanted to it was still only 76 degrees, so if the water didn't get you cold the air did.
All 6 grand kids.

They at least got to put their toes in the water.

What started out as a little dinner party, quickly escalated into a good size party, especially after
I invited a few more relatives. :)

Aunt Helen and Dominic...he's such a sweetie.
My grandmother who is in her late 80's.
The newlyweds on the couch, wish we could have gone to the wedding but so glad we got to meet James finally. My sister and more cousins.

My father's side of the family (Valle).
My step father's side of the family (Russo).
Some of my mother's side of the family (Gonzalez).
Finally a picture of us all together, it just doesn't happen to often.

So those are the pictures, I missed some dinners, an afternoon at the pool, one of my dearest friends house (her kids are getting so big) and Dave and Busters (although I don't know how I would have done that with everyone in 12 different directions). All in all though we had a great time and now we are home and back to school...

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Megan said...

Michelle, you have the most ethnically diverse family I have ever known, and I think it is awesome! A true American mixing bowl! So glad you enjoyed your time with all the family in NY.