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Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael

The kids couldn't wait for him to get home to open his presents he didn't have time to even change.
It's tradition for the kids to take a picture with Michael and his cake, we have one from every year (one year I'll have to make a photo montage of it) so we had to keep with tradition. Can you see Jaden eying that cake.
Michael had some help blowing out the candles.
A red cake, Michael's favorite. Every year his mom makes him a red cake for his birthday, and this is no ordinary cake (the cake itself is from a box) but the frosting takes 2 days to make, you have to start it the day before and let it sit over night in the fridge. Now I'm just saying if his mom has been perfecting this cake for 30 years and his grandma made it for him as well, that's a lot of pressure to compete. To make sure the frosting comes out just right, you have to use the right type of butter and flour it's a little bit of work. Not that my sweetie isn't worth every moment but...seriously what if I messed it up......
I know he would never say anything, but let's be honest, kids can be brutal. So I had my mother in law on the phone for two days working to make sure I got it right. Well with much prayer and some luck it came out right. Apparently it was of great enjoyment....

as evident from the plate lickers. Whew made it good.Happy Birthday honey, you are the best husband ever.

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Julie said...

i tried to make the red velvet cake once and it didn't turn out any different than a normal cake, obviously I am doing something wrong!!!! Okay so what does this icing taste like? Do tell!!!
Happy birthday Michael!