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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chicago Day 4 - Wednesday

Wednesday was our last day in Chicago, truthfully I could have used one more day but I missed my kids. Our last day we had to get deep dish pizza before we left, so we went to Gino's. We saw this place advertised on our hotel tv channel about Chicago, they are famous for their deep dish pizza as well as the graffiti on the wall. I didn't remember to bring a marker but we improvised with a pen. It takes 45 minutes to an hour for deep dish pizza, we waited and boy was it worth it. Not something we could do with kids but since it was just us and we had the time before we went to the airport we went for it. DELICIOUS. This picture obviously cannot do it justice, too bad we don't have smellivision..LOL..

This is a picture of the parking lot outside our window, to the naked eye it looks like a junk yard we found out later that it was where they stored the stuff they blew up from the Transformers 3 movie. They had just wrapped up filming the week before and were cleaning it up the week we were there. Kind of fun trivia.

Also our plane was an hour delayed because the president was coming to Chicago for his birthday, it made our trip home a little longer :(

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Courtney said...

you guys are so cute :-) so glad you had that time!