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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Funny I had to copy it, it made me laugh so hard

My friend Courtney is a hoot sometimes and can put things in to words I cannot otherwise, this was so funny I had to make a copy.

i'm sorry

..i'm sorry, but would whoever put all those piles of dirty clothes in my house please come and wash them and fold them and put them away??

...and the same person must have made my 3 year old act like, well, a 3 year old. could you fix that? (except mine is 22months)

..and could you also make dinner every night this week since i have no idea what to make.

..and wrap the gifts...that is, if you can find them in the basement (our garage) that looks like a tornado went through it.

..and, while you're at it, could you get these 10 extra pounds off my hips/butt/thighs/stomach?

thanks! i appreciate it!

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