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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I have some pictures from Thanksgiving that I will post later but trying to squeeze everything in is a little chaotic at this point, especially because Jaden has strep throat. Rare but true he has it, leave it to us to get the rare stuff.

We had a good Thanksgiving the kids traveled really well, even Jaden. once we understood the issues we were able to address them, the ride up on Thursday took 7 hours a normal ride is 5-5 1/2 so a little longer than expected, but the ride home was even longer 8 1/2 hours, Jaden had had enough around 7 1/2 and proceeded to cry the last 45 minutes. Made for a long ride but we made it home and we were glad we had Sunday to do nothing but recover. Of course with the little guy being sick with a fever and up all night since Wednesday, pretty much the only one's who got any sleep were the girls. Sorry this seems like a downer but just stating the hard facts. 4 of my kids is hard.

I am thankful for teh fact that I got to see my family, and some friends that part is always good, it is hard to travel with a family of 6 and try to find enough space for us to be comfortable, I am grateful to my parents for sqeezing us in even if it is a little tight.

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