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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Love Dare

So over the years Michael and I have done devotions as a couple, not always on a regular basis, but we have done some great books. We decided to do The Love Dare

It's from a movie called Fireproof, about a marriage about to crumble (no we are not crumbling - I really wanted to see it when it came out - I posted about it when it did - but as you can imagine babysitting for four kids - 2 very small is not too easy, I can't wait until they get a little older), but not having done a couples devotional in a while we decided to do it together and we just started it. I thought OK we have a great marriage this shouldn't be too hard, it will keep us reading and praying together, HA!!.

Day one - Love is patient - Go the entire day without a negative word toward your spouse (I FAILED THAT ONE).

Day Two = Love is kind, do one random act of kindness. (Failed that one too - by the end of the day at home with all the kids, I could only manage a snuggle before bed) I'm 0 for 2 here.

Day three + (do day one and day two as well as three day three) buy your spouse an unexpected gift (since it was just Christmas, we set a $5 limit), I have done OK today although, I was able to be patient, did not do the kindness thing, the night is not over yet, and I bought Michael his favorite ice cream from the store (any kind with peanut butter - we don't usually have it because Kaleigh is allergic and he doesn't want her to feel bad that she can't have any - I bought her some ice pops).

So I'm trying really hard here, but not doing so well, better than day one though. At the end of the book it has 20 questions to ask your mate while on a date or some quiet time, I can't wait to get to that part. Right now we just need to get through the next 40 days.

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Courtney said...

i hadn't heard of that book. keep updating how it goes! i'm sure your marriage will be blessed, whether you succeed or fail each day or not.