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Monday, September 22, 2008

We Survived

OK so we survived the weekend without Michael, who went to the men's retreat, with my forcing of course back 2 months ago, when I suggested his mom come and help us and that was of course before she had to leave for Florida 2 weeks ago. So with help from some friends (thanks Sarah and Abi) on Friday night and I hired a baby sitter to help with Saturday night dinner and bed time hours (they can be rough). Well let's put it this way after 3 hours of a screaming baby (Jaden didn't nap well all day) and Madison wasn't too happy (she really missed her daddy and she had a shorter nap than usual after a long day) she cried when it was bed time - the baby sitter said to me "If you are ever alone at bed time, just call me to come help you don't even have to pay me." I hope that gives you an idea about what bed time is like in this house, someone told me once that the hours between dinner and bed time are the arsenic hours, you don't know whether to take it or give it.

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Renee said...

LOL. I've heard it called the "witching hours" but not the "arsenic hours". That's pretty funny. Glad your time alone is over!