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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Big Little Girl

It kills me that she is getting so big. Every day she comes out with a new word her newest is OKKAAAAYY, it's too cute. And of course everything is "I want...." whatever it is she wants, mostly I wanna a snack (clear a s abell) it's too stinkin' cute! She's a lot like Kaleigh being so verbal.
I bought Jordan and Kaleigh new ballet slippers and so she had to get something too, so she picked out Dora slippers, she loves them, she doesn't even watch Dora, but because we have a house full of Doar stuff..Iguess that's why she picked them. She's such a shoe hound, hence her mural on her wall.

1 comment:

Jenkins said...

She is just so cute...those curls and little legs!
I think of all the girls she looks the most like you (by the pictures).
Loving that she loves shoes!