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Monday, September 8, 2008

Shennandoah Valley Children's Museum

This weekend was all about the kids, little chores got done but we had lots of fun. Took the kids to the Shennandoah Valley Children's Museum in Winchester. It's a bout an hour and fifteen minutes away and it's not very big but it is the closest thing we have to a kids museum. They had been asking for a long time when are we going to the Apple Museum again? They have and apple pulley and crate system set up for the kids to play with. So we decided to take them this weekend since Sunday was going to be so nice, it's located in Old Town Winchester which has a couple of little shops and a coffee house that serves snacks including ice cream. The ride out on Route 15 is through the Blue Ridge Mountains which Kaleigh kept asking why it's called the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially after she saw them in front of her. First she kept saying we've been in this car for hours (after 15 minutes) and then when she saw the mountains in front of her she was like cool, but they are not green. It was funny. Jordan just kept quiet, enjoying the ride she only asked once about when they could climb on the rock wall. Of course once we got there I had to feed Jaden and Michael was left with 3 kids by himself all wanting to go in different directions, thank goodness it's not a really big place. All in all we spent about 2 hours at the museum (Madison was done after about an hour and a half..especially with only a 45 minute nap) then we grabbed a snack, ice cream for Michael, Kaleigh and Madison, chocolate covered pretzels for me and Jordan just had regular pretzels (that girl misses out on all the good stuff because of her pickiness). They are already asking when we can go back.
The Raceway Room, lots of things you can do with a golf ball. (All about physics).

The bees honeycomb

The rock wall.

The famous apple factory system (hence the apple museum).

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