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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

The girls did their dance camp that they absolutely love again this year..It is a worship dance camp and it is a week long, it's only a few hours a day and then they get to march in the 4th of July parade down downtown Fairfax. This year Madison went to the camp but only 6 year olds and older can march in the parade.....which really is OK because she would have complained the whole way. She was much happier sitting on the sides watching with us....although she kept complaining about the heat.

This was the last day of the camp and they were recapping what they had learned.
We arrived what we thought was early enough to find a good seat little did we know that people actually come out the night before to put tarps down to hold the spot they want.
Luckily one of the mom's from camp spotted us and said we could share a spot with them, it was very nice of her and as you can see Madison and Jaden got the best seats.
After we found a spot I walked the girls over to their group where they got to wait for their turn to line up for the parade.
They had some of the best counselors this year...truly great kids.
I thought this float was so cool to try and fit down the narrow streets of downtown Fairfax, which is tree lined...it was quite the site seeing them maneuver this thing.
He was pretty much done by an hour into the parade with the wait from before the parade started.
The first sighting of their group.

I guess Kaleigh's group was a little slower because they had to run to catch up to the big group, but that is her with the pink visor in the middle.
A well deserved drink after their march.
Yes that wild crazy hair is wet with perspiration.
The whole group who marched in the parade. The purple t-shirts are the counselors and the blue t-shirts are the kids.
My fourth of July beauties. Jaden was not co-operating..although I did have him in a red shirt and blue shorts.

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