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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July - Part 2

So as an early Christmas present from the grandparents was a new swing set for the kids. The old one had some rotted wood and really was way past being safe...but it was free when a family who's children were already grown gave it to us...so it was a huge blessing for the past 5 years and for that we are thankful.

It took Michael only a couple of hours to take down the other one...although the pieces are still in the backyard.
It took another couple of hours to sort through and organize all of the wood into appropriate piles.
And of course a MILLION screws, nuts and bolts.
It has a picnic table that sits underneath like our old one, that was quite a nice bonus.
Rock wall and monkey bars make it all the more fun.

Finally by Monday ....in the sweltering heat and after asking 1000 times is it done yet, they were
ready to play on it and have fun, for about 15 minutes because then it was just too hot.
But they LOVE it.....The fine print wasn't kidding...it took Michael with a very little help from me
all three days to get it together.
After the swing set went up and we went in to cool down and eat...we went to see some fireworks. I forgot to bring my camera for that...I wish I had but I think being out in the heat all weekend fried my brain. The country club up the street from us does them every year so we parked in the parking lot by the supermarket and waited with a couple of thousand other neighborhood folks to watch the fire works.. It was great...everyone except Jordan loved it (she is sensitive to noise...but we had headphones for her and it was fine)...but we could definitely feel it, like we were standing there lighting them ourselves. Jaden kept asking for more.

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