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Monday, June 20, 2011

Jordan Turned 10

It's hard to believe my little girl turned 10, she was so excited. She could hardly contain herself. She literally has been counting down for the past month. She had decided a couple of months ago that she wanted a sleep over party. Especially after the one she did at Awana, that's all she's been talking about. So we sent out handmade invitations...did I mention how much I love Etsy...really I should be banned... but I haven't done anything creative in ages and it was fun.
Michael again made the cake, it's a girl sleeping in a sleeping bag with Clifford her stuffed dog. It was really cute. She loved it.
Here is the banner I made with hours at the scrapbook store and ideas from Etsy...did I mention how much I love Etsy...I may have to invest in a cricut machine and claim it as a necessity for school projects.

We invited 10 girls knowing and hoping not all would sleep over. So they made pizza's.
Painted pillow cases.......
had pillow fights...... and finally opened presents.
When all was said and done after, girls that had to go home for early swim meets and vacations went home, only Emily and Faith stayed the night. Which was really nice. Jordan had the best time and it was a
memory she will always have, and I'm sure the beginning of many, many sleep overs.

She got an i-touch for her birthday it was the big thing she really wanted, we hesitated at first but she has been pretty responsible with mine so we agreed.
This is the personalized letter I made for each of the girls who came to the party again Etsy inspired, along with toothbrushes, the kind you personalize and chalk board wall stickers..the kind you can hang on your wall and leave notes. (I had a lot of fun with the cricut machine) and the frame was 97 cents at Walmart and I spray painted them white...kind of shabby chic kind of look, plus the paper it literally cost $1.15 to make and was a lot of fun for me.

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