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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Every year our church does a Dad's and Kid's camp out, I asked Michael a couple of times if he would ever be interested in going. This year the kids came home from church one day and told Michael they wanted to go that Mr. Goetz was telling them all how much fun it would be to go, so to go and tell your parents about it. Well they did and after some financial figuring and borrowing a tent they were headed for the camp out. Luckily it was only about 45 minutes away, so in case of anything they could pack up and come home. Jordan had a birthday party that Saturday so she only got to go Friday to Saturday, Madison and Kaleigh stayed until Sunday. They set the tent up and it was literally a heat wave that weekend. It had to be 100 degrees easy with no breeze. Needless to say they had a rough night with little air and little sleep.
After they set up camp.
Madison's favorite part was dragging the wagon around.
Cooking popcorn after a dinner of pasta and cheese.
Of course you can't have a camp out with out marshmallows.

One of Kaleigh's good friends Maggie was there (Kaleigh was so excited, she doesn't get to see Maggie to often) they were catching fireflies. Kaleigh wasn't too sure about that the first night but by the second she was catching them by herself.
Yes that would be dirt, caked on Madison's face.

Saturday Jason had set up water games for the kids before all the kids went to the water park with the dad's.The dad's were catching the water balloon's in those buckets.
That marshmallow is as big as her head.
And yes the after effects of eating too much marshmallows.
Talent show on Saturday Night.
Kaleigh's talent was standing on one leg.

They came home on Sunday morning, filthy, completely exhausted and happy, because they had a great time camping with their Dad. Jaden was disappointed that he couldn't go and asked if he could go next time, maybe if the potty thing is down we can consider it. However we need a bigger tent.

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