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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ice Skating

Our Tuesday TNT co-op had its annual Christmas party and apparently they do it every year at the ice skating rink. Since it is only open to us during the day during this time, it was empty, except for the 100 kids of TNT. It was great and the kids loved it, even Jaden got to skate (without skates of course only on the ice in his crocs...of course I didn't get a picture of that), but the girls immediately wanted to know when can we go again. Unfortunately all the open ice skate times are very crowded and would make it a little difficult taking all four kids skating with out some extra help. Oh well there's always next year.

A little anxious before the ice skating.
A little more petrified trying to skate on her own.
Holding both of Madison's hand until she could get used to the ice under her feet.
Helping my friend Heather's son Elijah while she watched Jaden off the ice.

This girl needed practically no help at all. Fifteen minutes into skating she let go of the wall and just started skating on her own and she didn't care if she fell or not ...which she did quite often, but got back up and started doing it again. I wish I had her athleticism.
This is how he spent his time off the ice...pretending to play video games.

Love the smile that was across her face when she finally got the hang of ice skating it was so precious.

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Julie said...

Eli was the same way, he was sup afraid and upset he couldn't skate like the other kids... but at the end he was better and loved it. They are so cute out there, Jasper would also be in the car trying it out :)