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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to the 4:00 service at our church which was packed, I'm glad we went early so we had seats. The church sits 900 and there were people standing in aisles and out in the lobby, but it let out at 4:45 so we were able to make our dinner reservations with my-in-laws afterward. It was a nice quiet evening and after we came home the kids got to open the presents they bought for each other. They each picked one name out of a hat and had to buy a present for that child.

Before Church.

Jaden was starving and of course eating goldfish, while trying to smile.
After we got home but before the present mayhem. I don't even remember who got who but they had a great time!

Jaden got trucks, Jordan got Spy Gear (she likes to play spies), Madison got Tinkerbell and Kaleigh got Barbie's her favorite.


Michael said...

Jordan had Madison
Kaleigh had Jaden
Madison had Jordan
Jaden had Kaleigh

Just in case you were wondering...oh and I took them shopping only reason I know. Had to keep them separate from who had who

Renee said...

You guys look great! And the kids are so big!!!!

Megan said...

Love the photos of you guys. Love the girls in their black dresses and the little GQ boy with his spiky hair. And you look so beautiful! Really loved your makeup that night!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Michelle! It's your long lost friend Liz! :) We are in Tx. now. The holidays were a crazy time for us and we were gone most of December. I have begun blogging again. I wanted you to have my new address. I look forward to getting together when we return. Take care~