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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Show

This year I had the privilege of working on one of our co-op's fine arts unit. They decided to put on a Christmas play. Since I was only working with 3 to 6th graders, I didn't get to work with Kaleigh but her grades K-2 did a great job with Away in a manger. Who knew there were more than 3 stanza's to the song.

Jordan's group both 4th and 6th graders got to do what they called an Adventurous Christmas which was a musical based on the Advent Wreath.

The Gift Wrappers (they had to rap their song..cute).
Jordan was the candle of Love for the Advent Wreath.
She had to recite John 3:16, pretty long, luckily it was a verse she is very familiar with. She did such a good job, it was clear slow and right on, a guy sitting in front of me whispered AAWWW it was great! Poor thing had strep throat too and she still was a trooper and did a fantastic job.
The 3rd and 5th graders did a musical called From Our Herd to Your Herd about cowboys on the night before Christmas, talking about how Jesus was a shepherd.

Loved the cow ears, considering I had to make 17 they didn't take as long as I thought.

All the kids did a great job and I still have candle costumes and cow ears if they ever needed to do it again. Fun stuff.

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